torquer holiday sipRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Barnaby Sloan is facing a spending Christmas alone. He usually spends the holiday with his aunt, but this year she’ll be in London with her boyfriend. His best friend Merrill is spending the holiday with his soon-to-be-fiancé, and Barnaby doesn’t want to intrude. And Liam, Barnaby’s boyfriend, is flying to Chicago to spend Christmas with his family, and even though Liam offered to take him to Chicago, but Barnaby is sure that it’s too soon to meet the parents. It’s only been three months, after all.

While preparing to spend the holiday alone, Barnaby forgot a date to exchange gifts with Liam the night before he was to leave for Chicago. It was their first fight and now Barnaby isn’t sure how to fix it with Liam two thousand miles away. When the snowstorm causes a power outage, Barnaby puts the Christmas present Liam left him to use. But will his choice and events that follow be able to give Barnaby Sloan the miracles he needs to turn his Christmas holiday around?

The Christmas Miracles of Barnaby Sloan is a very sweet, heartwarming Christmas story. I adored Barnaby and his innocent ignorance. He’s so sweet and oblivious to the people around him and their feelings. Barnaby’s relationships with his aunt, Merrill, and Liam are the main focus of this story. The boy who thinks he is worthless comes to find that he is more cherished that he believes possible.

This short is a story of hope and healing. I really wish it could have been longer. I would have liked Liam’s point of view. As it is, I didn’t feel any connection to Liam. And I didn’t feel much of a connection to Barnaby either. This story was good, but it could have used a stronger characterization and more story, definitely more interaction between Liam and Barnaby.

Like I said, it’s a good story, but has room for growth. I liked it enough to say that if there were more – more story, more points of view, just more – I would read it again.

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