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Length: Short Story

Rob Rosen brings us a delightful sip of a story, ‘Tis The Season, just in time for the holidays!  When a blackout causes Jeff’s flight home to be cancelled, little did he expect his ex-boyfriend David to provide the “Christmas miracle” he needs to make it home just in time for Christmas day.   But this is no simple reunion. Rather, David has not only changed physically, developing into a rather buff, hot specimen of a man, but he has also matured and perhaps Jeff has as well.  Suddenly all the things that had driven these two men apart seem to have faded with time and the spark that caused them to come together in the first place blazes into full bloom once again.

Two elements make this story work so very well.  The first is author Rob Rosen’s remarkably funny sense of humor that spills out all over his written page.  Often his stories carry with them such a lighthearted overtone that even the worst case scenarios feel just a bit easier to deal with despite their seriousness.  In this case, Jeff is not having the best of days and when he must break the news to his parents that he will not be home for Christmas you can feel the palpable disappointment.  Yet almost immediately, the shift is made in the story to pull us back and lighten the moment by sending the main character pell-mell into circumstances that leave him breathless—in this case boarding a private jet with his ex only to find that there may still be feelings that were not completely cast away when they split.

The second winning element is the story itself.  Filled with smart and witty dialogue, a Rob Rosen story never falls into the mistake of creating a story around the sex.  Instead there is a solid storyline that is further developed by sexual interludes when appropriate.  Such a refreshing thing when it is the story that delights your senses and has you desperate for more as opposed to one sexual encounter after another barely strung together in a haphazard story line.  Rather, Rosen’s story is smart, funny and sexy—a winning combination!

‘Tis the Season was a funny and warmhearted story with a delightful happy ever after!  A wonderful addition to any holiday season!!

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