best 2013When Joyfully Jay asked me to choose my top favs for the year I immediately rushed to the phone to give the good news to my best friends, Rick and Freddie.  Some of you may remember how I have written about these boys from Pittsburgh in the past—they love me so!!!  Of course they were ecstatic for me!!

Ahhh, I can clearly recall the happy response of my gay bestie Rick as it rang sweetly in my ear when I announced that once again I had been chosen to pick the top novels of the year!  I chortled with glee as my dear Rick heaped praise upon praise on me for being chosen yet again for this top honor!!   I can still hear his lovely response:

Rick:  Uhm, who is this again?

Me:  Yes!!!  Once again I, little ole ME, have been asked to pick the top novels!!!!

Freddie: (aka best gay boyfriend in the world) Uhm, Hon?  Didn’t I just read the other reviewers top choices this past week?  I think it’s a kind of group thing, right?

Me:  Oh, do you think so?  But I was sure that was just a fluke after all, Jay asked ME!!!  Such an honor!  Freddie, do you think I should wear my tiara while I’m typing up the post?  Then it will be like the Queen is actually choosing and that will be so special—don’t you think??

Rick:  Don’t answer that Fred—you only encourage the insanity.  Now listen Sam, we’re hanging up.  The last time you got this delusional we had to change phone numbers.  And way to go “best boyfriend in the world” for giving her the new number, by the way!

Freddie:  But she sent me all those pathetic emails begging for it.  How could I say no?

Rick:  Like this!  (Click)

Me:  Hello?  Freddie?  Rick?  Hello?

Yes, that’s right, the boys were so happy for me they were utterly speechless!!  Thankfully that has never been a problem for me!!

So, after many days of consideration and Joyfully Jay repeating several times that I could not give all the top choices a brand new puppy as a reward, I winnowed down the list.  Let me tell you it was tough!  So, so many good books!  Honestly the authors outdid themselves this year and quality stories abounded!  Finally, I made my choices and here they are in no certain order!

It was truly an outstanding year for M/M fiction and, with all sincerity; I want to thank the incredibly talented authors of this genre for giving us some really incredible stories!!

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