Eric Arvin and TJ Klune

I am sure many of you have heard by now, but Eric Arvin, author and member of our m/m romance community, is in the hospital. So many of us have enjoyed Eric’s books, had the pleasure of meeting him in person at GRL or interacting with him online, and for a lucky group of us, got to be there as he and TJ got engaged.

Now Eric is facing both difficult treatment and recovery time and in need of help from any of us who can give.  They need financial support to help keep TJ and their loved ones nearby as Eric undergoes treatment and to help with the costs of recovery.

I am so thrilled to see how quickly our community has rallied behind these guys.  They have already exceeded their initial fundraising goal in just about a day. But you guys, we know these things are always harder and more expensive than we can anticipate. So please still consider donating if you can to help them out.

All the details are here:

Wishing Eric, TJ, and all of you the best this holiday season.

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