men in uniform weekHi everyone! I am SOOO excited to announce our next theme week coming up in February…. MEN IN UNIFORM WEEK!

For those of you not familiar, during our theme weeks we spend the whole week celebrating a particular trope. In the past we have had Young Love Week, Rock Star Week, Virgin Hero Week, and Jock Week among others.  And this time we will be celebrating Men in Uniform!  Men in Uniform will feature stories about all kinds of heroes: firefighters, EMTs, police officers, military men, athletes… anyone who wears a uniform of some kind is fair game. There are so many exciting possibilities, I just can’t wait!

So the event won’t be until the end of February, but these things take a lot of planning so I always like to start early. There are lots of things that are part of the event and lots of ways you all can get involved.  Men in Uniform week will include:

  • Reviews
  • Guest posts
  • Giveaways
  • Favorite Books List

If you are interested in being a part of things, here are some options:


Do you have suggestions for books you would like us to review during Men in Uniform Week? We are looking for all kinds of stories featuring heroes in uniforms of all types. If you have a favorite book you want to suggest for review, or something you are interested in that you’d like us to try out before you buy it, we’d love to hear your ideas. Just leave a comment below with your suggestions.

Also, if any of our readers are interested in participating by doing a special guest review, or a guest post related to Men in Uniform, please send me an email. Want to tell us why you love firefighters? Or why a police uniform is hotter than military fatigues? I’d love to have you join in the fun!

Authors and Publishers

Do you have books featuring men in uniform that are already out or will be released in time for the event that you would like to us to consider for review? If so, send me an email.  Also please get in touch if you have an idea for a guest post or other type of guest stop that relates to men in uniform.


I am hoping to once again do a super big giveaway for Men in Uniform Week.  When we did Jock Week last year we had over 60 prizes donated and I would love to match or even beat that this year.  If you are interested in donating a prize relating to our theme, we would greatly appreciate any and all donations.  Books featuring men in uniform are always great, and we of course welcome store credits or just about anything else you want to throw our way.  Each prize will be featured in detail on our Giveaway post (see our Jock Week Giveaway post for an example).

So yep, I am SUPER excited about this one. I can’t wait to get things started and hope you all are going to love it as much as me!  Look forward to having you guys join in the fun!

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