Hello everyone! Today I am pleased to welcome author Cari Z to Joyfully Jay! Cari is here as part of the Storm Moon Press 4th Anniversary Tour.  She is here to talk to us a little about her upcoming year and has brought two great giveaways for us! So please join me in giving Cari a big welcome!

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Expanding Yourself by Cari Z

I don’t make a habit of reading my horoscopes or delving into numerology when it comes to telling the future, but I confess I give in every now and then. 2013 was a year defined by new opportunities and the rapid-fire speed at which they flew at me, so if reading a few predictions on 2014 can get my head in the right place, then I’m all for it. Anything that helps me focus instead of encouraging my natural inclination toward languor.

Twenty minutes of exhaustive internet research reveals that 2014 is the year of the horse, according to the Chinese zodiac. It’s going to be a fast-moving, adventurous, exciting year that could fly past you if you don’t pick a direction early enough. There’s no middle ground in a horse year. More specifically, for Geminis like me, we get to pile on even more work and deal with frequent disruptions in our daily lives! I should work on increasing my stamina to deal with it all—the stars recommend yoga. Yay, nothing like stretching my capabilities and my body all at the same time!

Regardless of how much credence you give to predicting the future, it’s never a bad thing to set up with the idea of a fast and furious year coming at you, and I’ve got a lot in store with Storm Moon Press. The sequel to my serial novel Cambion: Dark Around The Edges is coming out, I wrote about kinky priests and the demons who love them for the upcoming Devout anthology, and lest any of us forget, RainbowCon is coming. RainbowCon 2014 is the inaugural year of the QUILTBAG-centric conference, and I and a lot of my fellow writers and readers are trooping down to Florida to take part, meet fantastic people, share ideas, and have a generally incredible time. I’ve never been to a conference like this before, and run the gamut from nervous to excited to clueless every time I think about it.

But 2014 isn’t the year for doubt! I’ve just got to run at what I want full tilt and hope I don’t trip. Every year, I try to do something new and different with my writing: in 2012, I attended my first writing conference, and in 2013, I attended Denver Pride with the Colorado M/M Author’s Group for the first time. 2014 is RainbowCon. Now let’s turn this to you.

What are you going to do in 2014 that expands you in some way? Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually… what can you try that challenges you to be open and receptive? If you’re looking for a new genre to read in, check out SMP’s list of anthologies. They have everything from gun kink to tentacle erotica to slave fantasy just waiting to be devoured. For challenging the other stuff, hmm… skydiving? Speed dating? Participating in a kirtan?

Or maybe you’ve got yourself figured out and you want to pass the wisdom on to me—hey, feel free. Leave a comment, email me, astral project while I’m sleeping, I’m open to it. Just don’t scare me, or I’ll set my dream ninjas on your astral projection and we’ll have a Sleepocalypse!

Whoa, too much coffee. Maybe I should cut back this year.


CambionCari Z. is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine. She has a wonderful relationship with her husband, a complex relationship with the characters in her head, and a sadomasochistic relationship with her exercise routine. She feels like Halloween should happen every month and hopes that you enjoy reading what she’s put out there as much as she enjoyed writing it in the first place. You can find her on her blog or on Twitter @author_cariz. You can also read her recent freebie, You Get Full Credit for Being Alive, on the M/M Romance group on Goodreads!



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Cari is also giving away a copy of the first season of her Cambion series!  Follow the link for the Rafflectopter to enter: Cari Z’s “Cambion” Season 1 Rafflecopter Giveaway

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