loose id logoHello everyone! Today I am so excited to announce a special celebration Loose Id is hosting in honor of my birthday on Saturday!  They let me pick 15 of my all time favorite Loose Id books and are putting them all on sale, starting today and running through Sunday night.  They are also giving away books to five lucky winners who can choose anything from my list of favorites!  Woo hoo! So it is my birthday and I get to give presents to you guys!

As you can probably guess, narrowing down my list 15 books was almost physically painful.  So rather than try to pick my “top 15” I instead focused on choosing 15 books I really love from a variety of genres and authors so there is a little something for everyone here.  I am so excited to share these books with you guys and hope you can find some new favorites among them as well.

To check out the full sale, go to http://www.loose-id.com/specials/joyfully-jay-birthday-sale.html where they are all listed together on one page. I also have them listed below in alphabetical order with a brief description of each book, along with some thoughts about why I love them so much.  The links are to my reviews if we had done one here.

And be sure to check out details at the end of the post for how you can enter to win books from my list!

Blacque/Bleu by Belinda McBride

blacque/bleuI first read this one for Virgin Hero week and it pushes so many of my hot buttons.  First off, we have a vampire/shifter pairing, which I love.  It is like bad boy versus bad boy.  This book also kicks off a great series and introduces some awesome characters.  Plus, we have a the holy grail – big, sexy, pierced VIRGIN HERO!  Seriously, it is like candy to me!  Both these guys are fighting major demons and turn to each other for a weekend of passion, which of course turns into much more. It is sexy, romantic, and very thrilling.

Bound by Deception by Ava March

bound by deceptionAva March is a fabulous m/m historical writer and I think the Bound series is my favorite of hers.  The three books feature the same couple, Oliver and Vincent.  A wealthy and powerful lord, Vincent occasionally indulges by going to a brothel to hire a man to sate his desires for BDSM and kink.  Oliver has been in love with his friend Vincent forever and one night he switches places with the employee at the brothel to secretly be the one with Vincent instead. As you can imagine, the truth comes out and Vincent and Oliver must figure out if they can make it work.  The story arc continues over the remaining two books, Bound to Him and Bound Forever, as Vincent comes to terms with his attraction to men and figures out how to fulfill his duties to his family if he stays with Oliver. And Oliver must figure out his place in Vincent’s world and keeping his own identity.  This is an amazing series, and even though only the first book is on sale, seriously get all three because you will want to read the other two after finishing the first.   And did I mention that Bound Forever probably has the hottest opening scene of any book I have ever read?  *fans self*  Enjoy!

Calling the Show by J.A. Rock

calling the showThis was one of my favorite books of 2012 and introduced me to one of my all time favorite couples.  Jesse Ferelit is an insecure, anti social, control freak who blossoms when he stage manages at his school theater department.  When he gets stuck with Simeck Whedon as a replacement tech, he is sure the inexperienced Simeck will ruin the show (and doesn’t hesitate to tell him that).  But the guys end up totally hitting if off and fit each other perfectly.  In addition to the fabulous humor (some of my favorite one liners are from this book), there is also sweetness and fabulous heat. I think of this as my “baby dom” book as Simeck and Jesse are both just starting to explore their kinky sides.  Neither knows quite what they are doing and they are figuring it out together and it is just fabulous and sexy.  And seriously, hysterical. I couldn’t love this book more.  Read it!

P.S. They not on sale, but if you enjoy this one, don’t miss Rock’s Wacky Wednesday and the followup Brat-Tastic Jayk Parker.  They have a very similar style of humor and heat that I just loved.

Dance With Me by Heidi Cullinan

dance with meSeriously, if Heidi Cullinan writes it, I will pretty much read it no questions asked because she is a total genius. So she has many of my favorite books, but this one I particularly loved. It features a flamboyant, femme hero which I totally love, and pairs him up with a big hunky football player.  Laurie is a famous dancer who had a somewhat public disgrace and is now teaching ballroom dance at a community center.  Ed is a semi-pro football player who was forced to retire after a debilitating neck injury. When he and Laurie clash over the sound system at the community center, it seems like they will never get along. But when Ed reluctantly agrees to assist Laurie in his class, he discovers not just a love of ballroom, but also a love for Laurie. This is sweet and oh so sexy (OMG, when they are making out against the dressing room door…). I love the enemies to lovers, opposites attract element. I love the pain and comfort themes as Laurie helps Ed find himself again after injury takes over his life. And I mostly love how these two guys heal each other.

Downpour by Bella Leone

Cover art by Justin James

Most of you guys know I am a big fan of the young love romance, so I am always on the lookout for good books featuring college age guys in love.  This one also has an interracial romance which I also love and don’t see often enough.  Markus works in a coffee shop and every day the same hot guy comes in for coffee.  Eventually Clinton and Markus strike up a friendship, and but it turns out Clinton has a big secret that puts his life in a lot of turmoil.  And when Clinton is viciously attacked, things become even more crazy.  But through it all these guys have a sweet, sexy, and romantic relationship.  I loved both Markus and Clinton, as well as Markus’ family and roommates.  This is the start of a series and I can’t wait for more.

The Good Boy by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock

the good boyI know I have another book by Rock on here, but I couldn’t resist featuring this fabulous writing duo.  The Good Boy was one of my favorite books last year.  It features sweet, lost Lane, whose parents stole millions of dollars and left him destitute and subject to both public ridicule and speculation about his role in it all.  But Lane is the sweetest, most innocent baby deer you can possibly imagine. And after getting himself almost destroyed by the man he goes to for help, Lane ends up meeting photographer Derek who takes him under his wing and nurtures him back to health.  Derek is a Dom and the two slowly begin to explore Lane’s submissive needs.  Despite the age difference these two are a perfect fit, and Derek is just what Lane needs to find his inner strength.  This is a story that is sometimes painful to read, but also incredibly uplifting. Watching Lane blossom under Derek’s love is so rewarding.  And reading about their friend Brin the Brat could pretty much sell the book all by itself!  There are two more books in this series (a short The Naughty Boy and the full length The Boy Who Belonged) so definitely check those out as well.

I Am Here by Evelyn Shepherd

I Am HereThis book pretty much had me at “zombies” and “menage” and didn’t let go from the very start.  When Sawyer finally gets a quickie with his hot boss, Jesse, at work late one night, he thinks that will be the craziest thing to happen to him that night. Until the zombies, and the running for his life, and the almost getting his face eaten off.  Jesse and Sawyer take off looking for safety and along the way meet up with Jesse’s sexy ex, Topher. Amidst the crazed zombies, these three manage to make a real connection and find something special.  I loved how Shepard pulls no punches with the horror angle here.  This book is scary and exciting and kept me completely captivated.  The story has enough unique twists and turns to make it stand out from your usual zombie story.  And the menage element makes a great addition.  This is billed as the start of a series and I am totally crossing my fingers for more because I completely loved this one.

P.S. If you love a good zombie horror/romance, also check out Kari Gregg’s Half a Million Dead Cannibals. Also excellent.

In the Red by Kari Gregg

in the redI adore Kari Gregg and went crazy for this FBI thriller.  Forensic accountant Brian was kidnapped, tortured, and his body dumped by criminals who were never caught.  Now he is holed up in his cabin in the woods with a weapons stockpile and interacting with no one. That is until the FBI needs him again and sends in Special Agent Zachary Murdoch to keep an eye on him.  At first the guys do nothing but fight, especially since Brian is terrified and sure the bad guys will be after him again.  But soon they find an attraction and things bloom between them. That is, until danger hits again.  This book is such a great mix of intrigue, mystery, and thriller, combined with a great romance plot.  It is incredibly exciting and kept me frantically turning pages.  At the same time, I loved poor broken Brian, who on one hand seems so meek, but on the other has incredible inner strength. This book is not only exciting, but is super sexy (Gregg is a master at hot sex scenes).  Just a great story.

Inescapable by Mina Kelly

Cover art by PL Nunn

This book was such a great surprise because science fiction isn’t a genre I read a lot. But last year I decided I needed to broaden my horizons and purposely sought out more sci fi/futuristic fare, and I am so glad I did because I just loved this one.  Jared is running from the law when he steals a spaceship to escape, kidnapping the wealthy Richard Kuiper in the process.  Jared intends to let Richard go as soon as they are free, but the two end up handcuffed together and can’t get separated.  Craziness ensues as the bad boy and the upper crust must stick together until they can get the handcuffs removed. But along the way they find that they are actually quite happy sticking together… I loved the opposites attract element here, but also the way that there is a lot more to both men than meets the eye.  We get all the good enemies-to-lovers stuff that I totally love.  And throw in some nice suspense and some zero gravity sex and I am sold.  Even if you are not a sci fi fan, I think this book is really accessible to everyone. Like I said, it is not my preferred genre and I totally loved it.

More by Sloan Parker

moreWhen people ask me for recommendations on a good menage story, this is always the first book I recommend. It hits just what I look for in a menage: guys that are distinct and interesting with a relationship that I can believe actually working. Plus, OMG is it hot. Like kill you dead hot.  The story is told from the POV of Luke who is pretty much a “one and done” kind of guy. He keeps a low profile to avoid the attention of his manipulative father, and gets his sex from one night stands at his sex club.  When he meets Richard and Matthew, Luke is drawn to them but isn’t about to break his rules. Until he does, and the three end up making it work.  This is the first of a planned series featuring these guys and I am totally dying for more of them.  Definitely a treat.

My Summer of Wes by Missy Welsh

my summer of wesTalking about these books has brought back my nostalgia for all these old favorites, and none more so than My Summer of Wes. This was one of my very first m/m romances and I fell in love completely.  Missy Welsh is amazing at young love stories and this is one of my favorite examples.  It features young Mal who is picked on at school for being perceived as gay. He doesn’t have many friends and his parents are indifferent to his plight, preferring to ignore it and avoid a scene.  When Mal meets Wes, a slightly older guy who just exudes confidence, he is drawn to him right away.  Wes is comfortable with his sexuality, he is cool and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. And to Mal’s shock, Wes really likes him.  This is such a sweet coming of age story, as Mal finds himself, accepts his sexuality, learns some confidence, and finds true love.  It is so incredibly sweet and romantic, but still lots of sexy bits (“Malcolm Small, meet your prostate.”). If you are a young love fan like I am, this should be on your Must Read list.

Riot Boy by Katey Hawthorne

Cover art by PL Nunn

If you have talked to me at any length about books, you have likely heard me rave about this story.  I picked it up way back for Rock Star Week and was totally blown way.  I love a good bad boy, and punk rocker Brady is that perfect mix of lovable and incorrigible.  He steals and lies without remorse, but he is also needs to be loved so badly. When he meets Etienne in a  club and picks his pocket, it is just the start to a crazy relationship.  On paper these two should never work.  Etienne is this mild, average guy who works in a book store. And Brady is a punk rock bad boy who misbehaves and doesn’t care. But somehow they totally work.  And they seriously could not be hotter together.  Handcuffs. Radiator.  I will say no more.  This book manages to be moving and poignant at the same time it is wild and crazy.  This is the book that introduced me to Hawthrone and her fabulous Superpowered Love series.  Because yeah, on top of everything else Brady has a super power.  And like the rest of the series, we get not only that great paranormal twist, but a story infused with music as is Hawthorne’s trademark.  I really think this whole series is great but Riot Boy is by far my favorite and I love Brady and Etienne with a ridiculous passion.

The Square Peg by Jane Davitt and Alexa Snow

square pegThis is another one of those enemies to lovers stories (are you seeing a theme here, lol) with Ben as the staid accountant who inherits half a gay bar from his estranged father.  The other half is owned by the sexy Shane who has no interest in sharing responsibility with Ben.  But eventually their fighting turns into loving they are on their way to making it work together. I love how this story turns things around in that the smaller, somewhat blander Ben is the real leader of this pair and is a bit of a bossy top in bed.  Two manage to turn the bar around and fall in love in the process.  I really loved this story (and was reminded how much I like this writing pair).  Great set up, great characters, and really enjoyable story.

St. Nacho’s by Z.A. Maxfield

st. nachosAll right, we are kicking it old school now with this one!  When I first started reading m/m romance, I went on a ZAM binge and devoured pretty much everything she had out.  Seriously, I could have filled up half this list with her books without even trying.  But I picked St. Nacho’s for a few reasons.  First off, I adore both these guys.  Cooper is a loner and recovering addict who moves from place to place, never really finding a home.  And St. Nacho’s is a town that gives people a home.  He is a great bad boy (he pretty much had me from “Dude… I could suck any one of these guys through fifty feet of irrigation pipe”).  But he also is so much more. Cooper is a talented violinist and a really good soul who had a rough past he is still atoning for.  And I love Shawn, a deaf student who hangs out in the bar where Cooper works.  Shawn too is more than meets the eye, with a great inner strength. I love that Maxfield showcases someone with a disability who is also strong and dominant (in and out of the bedroom) and these guys are so sweet and sexy together. And I love that connection of music that runs through them. It is one of the ways they communicate since Shawn can not hear and it is really beautifully done  (As they make love Cooper thinks “There were times when his unmusical voice was like a symphony to me.” Sigh.) St. Nacho’s is the first in a series, and my favorite of the bunch, but don’t miss out on Physical Therapy, which features the antagonist from this book as the hero and gives a nice alternate perspective on a lot of the events we learn about in this book.

And seriously, read all the ZAM books!  Along with this, I highly recommend Drawn Together, ePistols at Dawn, and Crossing Borders among others.

What We Deserve by Kerry Freeman

What We Deserve-Print-200x300This is another menage story I really like, especially the way it builds the relationships between these guys.  Sean and Jamie had one night together before Jamie broke Sean’s heart and joined the military. Now years later, Sean is happily in love with Tyler when Jamie returns home.  I love the dynamics between these three men, and how they slowly build a threesome out of this complicated relationship.  I loved how Sean and Jamie don’t just overpower Tyler, but let him really lead as they figure out if something can actually work between all of them.  It is sweet and sexy, and nice combination of lovers reunited with a sexy menage story.


So as I noted, all these books are on sale from Loose Id until Sunday. But not only that, you can win some too!  Loose Id is going to give away a choice of three books to one grand prize winner and one book to four additional winners.  You can pick from any of the sale books on my list if you win.  

To enter, just leave a comment at the end of the post. If you want to share your favorite Loose Id book (or which book from my list you’d like to try), I’d love to hear it.   The contest will close on my birthday, Saturday, January 25th at 11:59 pm and winners will be announced Sunday.

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