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When Greg and Adrian discover the body of an elderly woman Greg knows while out walking, their lives are turned upside down. First, Adrian, unable to not tell the truth, tells the police that she was murdered because, of course, he has the ability to speak with ghosts. And Ms. Hillingham’s ghost was adamant that she had been murdered. So after a trip to the police station and the subsequent interrogation, Adrian and Greg are let go and basically told to stay away from the case.

But when Ms. Hillingham’s granddaughter contacts them, knowing their history as amateur paranormal investigators, Adrian reluctantly agrees to try to help Mandy communicate with her grandmother. But when the ghost refuses to speak with Adrian, instead talking to Greg, Adrian is left unbalanced. His entire life he has been able to communicate with ghosts. Never has he been basically cut off from one until now, and he doesn’t know how to handle it. Jealousy and frustration threaten to add discord to Greg and Adrian’s lives. And when a lie puts him in danger, Adrian finds himself needing to earn Greg’s trust again.

Attempting to communicate with a ghost that is so full of rage is uncomfortable and can be dangerous. Eventually attempting to communicate with Ms. H puts Greg and Adrian in the middle of a mystery that not only threatens to tear apart their relationship but also puts them in unexpected danger. As their investigation moves along, neither man is prepared for the discoveries that surround the death of Ms. H. Stubbornness and a shaky trust add to their stress and difference of opinion as both men unknowingly put themselves in danger’s path.

A Ghost Most Elusive is the second book in Ally Blue’s Mojo Mysteries series. If you are a fan of Blue’s Bay City Paranormal Investigations series, you are going to love this book. This story has more of the feel that BCPI gave off than the first book, while still maintaining its own identity. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the first story in this series, Demon Dog. But the whodunit feel of A Ghost Most Elusive adds a lighter feel to this series. I really liked this book, even more than the first.

The mystery of this story is exciting the entire way through, and it’s twofold. I won’t go into detail in describing both parts, but know that the way this story plays out is so good. The surprise revelation of the mystery at the end? It’s totally worth the stress caused by the rest of the story.

I really enjoy the dynamic between Greg and Adrian. They have been through a lot and after their initial problems (which are part of the last book in the BCPI series) they have settled into an equal partnership. They are supportive and giving towards one another. That’s not to say they are perfect and don’t have their problems. This story is one of those problems. But what I like most is that they argue, they have different views, but they always work it out – even when it looks impossible.

On that note, I did have one issue with Adrian. This whole being able to communicate with ghosts his entire life thing is all well and good, until the one time that a ghost snubs him. Then he turns into this whiney, frustrated baby. I got it when he was confused and a little upset about it. I even understood when he was jealous that the ghost was speaking to Greg and not him. But after a while, the complaining and insecurities got on my nerves. It would have been nice if he could have just taken it as it was and helped Greg through it without holding it against him. Just sayin.

As always, I love this world. This series is set in 2019. And the world is not that much different from ours, except for the ghosts and demons and parallel universes and advanced technology. Okay, it is different, but it still shares the everyday things we see – vehicles, restaurants, college, apartment/houses. It’s the ghostly equivalent of our world. And so much fun.

So, yes, I loved this story. I loved that this series is getting back to the roots of paranormal investigation, the whodunit. I love the feel of this story. And of course, I still adore Greg and Adrian – even if he was a little whiney. I can’t wait to see what Blue has waiting for them next time. I definitely recommend A Ghost Most Elusive by Ally Blue.

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