dudleytownRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Headed home for a long break, Alexander Strauss is stuck in a hell of his own making. Alex is sharing a ride home with a guy he doesn’t know very well and who seems to think a secret shortcut through the mountains will get them home sooner. And he is stuck in said ride with his roommate, Shannon Murray. The roommate he has wanted since day one. The roommate he walked in on just that afternoon with a girl’s face in his lap on Alex’s bed.

When the shortcut leaves them stranded in the midst of a ghost town, Alex and Shannon find themselves searching for their friend and trying to avoid escaped convicts. As the tension between Alex and Shannon builds, Alex has to keep reminding himself that he doesn’t fall for straight guys. Although everything is not as it seems, but Alex and Shannon have to make out of Dudleytown alive if they’re going to figure out their relationship.

Dudleytown, Connecticut. It’s a real place – a place of mystery, myth, and legend, a place of ghost stories and nightmares. And L.B. Gregg does a great job of taking the myth and mystery of this abandoned settlement and creating a fantastic scary story from it. Not only that, she adds in a wonderful beginning to a sweet romance in with it.

This story is so much fun. Created as a Halloween story, Dudleytown holds all the trademarks of a midnight campfire tale. It’s set in a place of mystery, shrouded in legend. The villains are shady with a clever twist. There’s shock and awe, even a little blood and gore. And sex. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is tension-filled, scared-for-their-lives steamy romps in the woods. Dudleytown is a fabulous scary short from beginning to end.

I adore Alex and Shannon. From the way they meet, to their friendship, to the confusion and misunderstandings between them. These guys are the perfect boy-falls-for-his-seemingly-straight-roommate. They are fun and adventurous, but still a tad angsty and dramatic.

Yes, Dudleytown definitely hit all my buttons for a scary story. This tale is energetic and so much fun. I wouldn’t mind seeing Alex and Shannon in another story someday. If you like scary stories, campfire stories, or Halloween stories, this one is definitely for you. If you are a fan of young love and all of its confusion, you’ll definitely want to read this one.

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