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Length: Novella

Ten years ago, Lee Mitchell and his best friend and lover, Roman Carmichael, left for a weekend of canoeing and camping. Only one of them returned. Ten years later, Lee still doesn’t remember that fateful night when he lost his best friend. Now, the owner of a seasonal tourism company, Lee still hasn’t lost hope that one day he will find Roman.

Every year since Roman disappeared, it snows on the same weekend. The weekend of Lee and Roman’s camping trip. This year is no different. Stocked up on supplies from town, Lee heads to his home in the middle of the woods near the Dunkill River. When he happens upon a stranger walking in the snow dressed in board shorts and a t-shirt, Lee initially doesn’t stop, but his conscience doesn’t let him get far. Going back to help the stranger, Lee is shocked to discover that the man beneath the long unkempt hair and bushy beard is Roman. His Roman.

Reuniting after a decade of fear, desperation, and unanswered questions, Lee and Roman slowly find the comfort they once shared together. But Roman refuses to give a straight answer about where he’s been and won’t tell Lee what happened that night. As their time together brings them closer, Lee knows there is something Roman is not telling him. When the truth comes out and Lee begins remembering, he is not prepared for the discovery. Afraid of losing Roman once again, Lee prepares to do everything he can to face an unknown evil in order to keep Roman by his side.

Frozen is set in AM Arthur’s Prodigal universe. And I’m serious, guys, both of these books are so good. The world of happenstance and paranormal happenings is captivating. It does include a demons –a common occurrence in this world that adds an interesting twist and a new dimension to each book. This one is a sweet, hopeful world on the outside and a dark, scary world on the inside. It’s beautiful and devastating. A world of contradictions, and I love every second of it.

Lee and Roman’s story is heartbreaking and sweet. The story is written in Lee’s POV, so I know him better than Roman. And I absolutely adore Lee. He’s a man full of hope and forgiveness. He may forgive, but he still wants answers. And the determination in that man, he’d take on the world for the people he loves. And he kind of does. Roman’s character is more conflicted. He’s broken and confused. He wants one thing but knows he can’t truly have it. His fear and resentment rule him until Lee is back in his life. His story is one of healing and renewal of hope. Together these men are strong and unbreakable and completely sexy.

This story is not quite as scary as Prodigal. It’s still intense and heart-wrenching, but not nearly as horror-filled. There’s definitely a tension that spans the length of the book, but the fear factor is not nearly as profound. The reunion, the romance is beautiful and so sweet. Soul mates meant to be together, meant to share a future, this story is one of hope and healing for this couple.

So, yes, I love this story. Full of mystery, romance, and tension, Frozen was highly engrossing from beginning to end, not to mention sexy. I’m crossing my fingers that this is not the last story set in this world because I am absolutely enamored with both of these stories so far.


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