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Jonathan Doyle spied the man of his dream while in New York City on his senior trip. And once he graduated, Jonathan moved to New York City in hopes of finding the man with the navy blue eyes. Days lead to weeks, and weeks to months, and Jonathan still hasn’t seen the man. Not only that, he received the news from his best friend that the night they would both like to forget has made Jonathan a father. With that news in his mind, Jonathan makes a mistake that leads to the worst decision of his life. But luckily a run-in with a friendly NYPD officer puts Jonathan back on track. After a quick trip home, Jonathan returns to New York with his son in tow and renewed hopes of finding the man of his dreams. But two years later, those dreams have become just that. He’s ready to return home so that he and his son can be near family.  

When his mother sends him out of the house on his twenty-fourth birthday to have some fun, Jonathan doesn’t expect his world to turn upside down. Walking into a bar and being confronted by a jerk was to be expected, but being rescued by the man with the navy blue eyes and realizing that he was near Jonathan’s home all along is incredible. But Jonathan’s life has changed throughout the years, and now that he’s finally found David, he wonders if the man will still want him when he finds out about his past and his son.

David Miller knew Jonathan was special when they first met and spending the night with the beautiful man only reinforced that fact. When Jonathan leaves after the one perfect night without plans to see one another and without exchanging numbers, David is determined to find the man and make sure he knows that David wants to keep him. But on his journey to find Jonathan, David also discovers his downfalls and who he is with the help of some friends.

When Jonathan and David finally find one another again, they must find a way to work through their secrets and insecurities if they want their relationship to last.

Love at First Sight is listed as the fourth book in Cardeno C’s Home series, but it’s a standalone novel so you don’t necessarily have to read these books in order. I love this series and I love this book. Love at First Sight is one of those sweet, feel-good stories. And it is sweet, like saccharine-y sweet.

Jonathan and David are perfect. Jonathan is the innocent boy who is smacked in the face with reality only to discover that it’s not all black and white as he once thought. He’s not exactly jaded, but he’s given up hope that he can have the dream he once set out to make happen. Then there’s David, the genuine good guy. If you don’t look at his past issues with commitment and see him as he is with Jonathan, David is the ideal perfect man. He’s accepting, loving, caring, protective, and forgiving. He would do anything for anyone. He is perfect, almost too perfect…but, hey, this is romantic fiction.

I enjoy the sense of family in this story. I love David’s easy acceptance of Jonathan and his son. But I also love Jonathan’s family’s acceptance of him and David. And the coming out scene cracks me up every time. But the realness of the family – Jonathan’s siblings and their children, the way the Doyle parents treat their children, the insanity of family get-togethers. This family is the one I think about when I think about big families. They’re fun and loving.

This story is one of my favorites. I know I’ve said that before about other books in this series, but I’ve also told you that it’s hard to actually choose a favorite. And it is. The thing that sets Love at First Sight apart from the others in this series is the romantic notion of seeing someone who changes your life in one glance. This story is about dreaming and how those dreams change as life happens around us. It’s about the decisions we make and how they shape our future. It’s a story of struggle and fear that leads to beauty and happiness. This is a story of hope and wonder and of unconditional, unwavering love and loyalty. And I shall not forget to speak of the humor. Not only is this story sweet and dramatic, but it has it’s laugh-out-loud moments. The bed – that’s all I’m saying. I still giggle when I think about it.

I’m telling you, if you have not read this series, you should do so. And if you have not read Jonathan and David’s story, read it. I love these guys. I love the fictional world that this author has created with this series. And I adore this sweet, sweet story. I recommend you read Love at First Sight by Cardeno C.

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