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Length: Novella

Quinn is barely living his life. Since the loss of his love, George, Quinn has made the motions of a man moving on, but in all reality, his life has been stagnant for the past two years. Even the surprise and welcome visit from his brother and his werewolf fiancé is nothing but a temporary reprieve from Quinn’s depression. His days are mostly filled with serving the magical community that frequents the Crystal Emporium. Then Arrow walks into the shop and straight into Quinn’s life.

Arrow has a singular focus: to find the she wolf and return her to her fiancé. Regardless of his employer’s wish to see the male she’s traveling with dead, Arrow is no killer and he refuses to use his magic to do so, especially when he gets to know Quinn. Seducing Quinn to get close to the man’s brother was the original idea, but then his attraction to Quinn turns into something more. The idea of hurting the man brings feelings into Arrow’s life that he never knew he had, but he’s never left a job incomplete, and he refuses to do so now. So hurting Quinn is inevitable unless Arrow can figure out a way to hold off his mobster employer.

Besides being a wonderful story, I loved The Lightning Moon for the amount of angst this author shoved in such a short amount of time. It starts out with a man broken and floundering who is ghosting through life and ends with him finding himself in the eyes of another man who is shady at best. Seriously there are so many layers to the characters in this story. As a reader, it was a joy to peel each layer back and discover a new level to Quinn and Arrow.

I really liked the content of this story. We all know I’m a huge fan of fantasy. But what I like more is a story that is captivating to go with the world that is engrossing. This story is great from the beginning. It’s angsty and bittersweet while being sweet and hopeful. There’s also a level of action and adventure here, a level of mystery that served to pull me into the story. This world is one of magic and werewolves and hunters and humans. It’s modern fantasy, but more than that it’s a story of healing, second chances, and hope.

Yes, I am a fan. This is the first book I’ve read from Sylvia A. Winters, and I’m hoping it will not be the last. I enjoyed this one from beginning to end. The creativity, the characters, the emotional story – I loved it all. I highly recommend The Lightning Moon by Sylvia A. Winters.

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