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Lieutenant Josh Walker has always wanted to be a Navy SEAL.  But training is pushing him to the breaking point until the tough officer Chief David Flint motivates him with a combination of ass kicking and a real belief in Josh’s future as a SEAL and a leader.  That is enough to get Josh through training, but not before he and David experience a hot night together that they both know shouldn’t have happened, but that neither can forget.

Now three years after they last saw one another, David is back at Coronado and being assigned to Josh’s SEAL team.  Neither man has been able to get that night years before out of his mind. But they know getting together is even more risky now that Josh is David’s supervisor and they are on the same SEAL team.  But the attraction between the men hasn’t gone away and neither is able to resist being together for long.

Both Josh and David are determined to keep their relationship quiet and not to let it impact their work together.  But when someone figures out what is going on between them and tries to blackmail Josh, things could all fall apart for their careers.  And while Josh is still reeling from that, the team is called out for a mission that takes a wrong turn, threatening their lives and calling Josh’s leadership into question.   Now after working so hard to become a SEAL, Josh faces losing both his career and the man he loves.

The Only One Who Knows is everything I love about a good military romance.  There is fabulous, heart pounding action combined with a hot steamy relationship between two tough, strong men.  Grant and Witt gave me just what I was looking for and I thought it was a fabulous story.

First off, the military side of things is so well done.  From the training, to the mission, to the day-to-day life on base, the authors capture so many little details as to make it all just come to life.  I never doubted anything I was reading was authentic and rang true, immersing me in the story and the adventure.  The mission the men go on to rescue a captured CIA agent is incredibly exciting, with both wonderful detail as well as thrilling adventure that kept me frantically flipping pages to see how the guys make it out alive.  It was all just so incredibly well done and really grounded the romance solidly in the military world.

The romance itself is also so well done.  The connection between Josh and David is clear from the very start, and their New Year’s Eve night of stolen passion is crazy hot.  You can just feel the strength and intensity of both these men as they fight for dominance and ultimately give in to their passion.   When they meet again years later, it is clear that neither man has been able to forget that night, even though they both realize that they should put it behind them.  It is an interesting issue, as legally DADT is gone, but still their relationship is not going to be accepted, even leaving out the fact that they now work on the same team with Josh as David’s supervisor.

I love the way Witt and Grant give us two incredibly tough men who are hardened through their years of experience, tough and able to handle anything that gets thrown at them. And yet there is still a tenderness to their interactions, a clear love and caring for one another, especially when times get tough.  I loved just the subtle things here, like how Josh thinks of his partner as David when they are lovers and Flint when they are working together.  It shows how they are living this dual life, one of lovers and one of SEALs, and the conflicts between those two parts of them.

So I just loved this one and found it exciting, fascinating, and super hot and romantic.  It is the first in a series, and the next book features Josh and David as well. I am just dying to see where their story goes and can’t wait for more.  So if you are looking for a great military romance, I highly recommend The Only One Who Knows.

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