virgin territoryRating: 5 stars
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Length: Novella

Ahhh…Kim Dare.  I freely admit it, this author is an auto-buy for me.  Given that, however, I try to be very careful not to just automatically assume that each offering by this BDSM author is going to hit its mark.  So I was pleasantly surprised when her latest offering, Virgin Territory, not only hit is but smacked it out of the park!

Aaron, a seasoned Dom, is immediately drawn to the virgin submissive he is introduced to at his local club.  Unfortunately for Aaron, he is not aware that while Danny may indeed be a virgin in every sense of the word, he is not a submissive, well not completely anyway.  In fact, Danny agrees to leave with Aaron thinking that he will be the one dominating that evening, not the other way around.  Finding themselves at a stalemate, the two men enter into a deal.  Danny will submit to Aaron that first night on the stipulation that Aaron will do the same for him on their second “date.”  Interestingly Aaron agrees and signs a statement saying as such.

And here is where my love for this author floats happily to the surface.  While Kim Dare often writes short stories and novellas, she writes them in such a way that keeps them fresh and interesting.  She changes up the usual D/s relationship by inserting humor, tenderness, a bit of romance and, yes, hot sex.  What could have been a usual deflowering of the stumbling, nervous male virgin turned into a power exchange that was not only funny but smoking hot as well.

Dare does in a short number of pages what some authors never achieve: smart dialogue, interesting characters, fresh story lines, and delicious m/m encounters.  Granted her BDSM elements are usually light and cunningly simple, but the mental component of a Dom getting inside the mind of his submissive is always there and well thought out to boot.

As always my one complaint about this novella, Virgin Territory, is that it was simply too, too short!  Of course, that mean I can just pick up the next offering by author Kim Dare just that much sooner!  A win-win I would say!

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