Hello everyone! Today I am pleased to welcome back author Susan Mac Nicol to Joyfully Jay!  Susan is here to talk to us more about her new release, Worth Keeping. She has also brought along an exclusive excerpt, and boy is it SEXY!  Plus, she has details about a great tour wide giveaway.  So please help me give Susan a big welcome!


Excerpt (NSFW)

Nick lost his breath remembering his offer to fuck Owen until he could taste him. His hands shook slightly. “I still mean it. I just need you so badly, Owen and all I could think about was being inside you, feeling your body around my dick and God, the thought of it was so good.” He groaned. “I am still so damn hard at the thought, and I think maybe this time…” His voice trailed off.

Owen took his hand. “Let’s get going while the mood’s still there. My arse is definitely in a state of anticipation.” His eyes sparkled as he gazed around the studio. “I want to do you right here. I’ve never made love in a lighthouse before.” He reached down and picked up the cover on the ground, placing it reverently over the painting of himself. “But I don’t want me watching. That would be too damn weird.”

Nick chuckled huskily then huffed in surprise as Owen turned and slammed him up against the wall. The cold, rough, whitewashed surface scraped Nick’s back but all he could smell was Owen’s scent and see the expression of sheer lust on his face.

“Hell, I still can’t believe you painted a picture of me. It’s too bloody beautiful even though I say so myself.” Owen’s hungry mouth searched out Nick’s, his tongue slick and hot. Nick thought he might choke from Owen’s passion. He growled, pushing Owen off him, gripping his arm and throwing him backward into the corner on top of a pile of canvas covers. As he did so, Owen’s arm flailed, hitting the corner table, and a number of paint cans that Nick had been using to freshen up the interior walls fell onto the canvas, spilling their contents in shades of white, grey and blue. Owen looked up at the towering figure of Nick as he fell back into the slick mess he’d created.

“Crap. There’s damn paint everywhere now. Don’t you know how to seal a paint can properly so it doesn’t go hard? This stuff’s toxic.” His voice was aggrieved and Nick wanted to laugh out loud at environmentalist Owen in full mode given the heat of the moment.

“I don’t give a toss about the paint.” He lowered himself down on top of Owen, who lay sprawled in wet slickness of B&Q’s best. “The only thing that’s hard here is me.” He reached down and palmed Owen’s crotch. “And you. And all I want to do is get inside you and find out what you feel like.”

Owen’s pupils darkened, his breath hot and rapid against Nick’s mouth. “Then let’s get naked, Nick,” he whispered. “Get your damn clothes off. They’ll all need chucking after we finish here anyway.” His hand trailed down the canvas, picking up globs of blue paint and he slowly drew it against both of Nick’s cheek in a horizontal gesture. Owen’s breathing got deeper. “Let’s just try not to get poisoned by paint and fumes, shall we, my Indian brave?”

Nick stood up, lifting his shirt above his head and shedding his clothes with alacrity. Naked, he stood above Owen, watching him do the same. Owen lay there, raising his hips and shifting out of his chinos, quickly sliding his black briefs off and finally, sitting up to lift his paint-splattered shirt over his head, wipe his hands on it then toss it on the floor. He lay back in the mess, his body already streaked with splodges of paint. His cock rose regally from the black curls of his groin. He raised an eyebrow at Nick, who stood watching him in awe as Owen stroked his erection with a sly grin.

“I had to clean the hands. I didn’t want paint all over this.” He gestured at his ready dick. “I have no idea what it would do. I’d hate to be allergic.” He laughed. “Although any swelling may come in useful…”

Nick joined Owen on the canvas, lying beside him, his body too becoming wet with the colours of the lighthouse.

God, this man was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

Nick trembled in anticipation as Owen’s greedy eyes roved over Nick’s body. His lover moved to kneel between Nick’s legs, hands trailing lightly over Nick’s thighs and over his balls. Owen’s warm mouth licked his tip, his tongue dipping into his slit.

Nick’s hips arched upward urgently and Owen lifted his mouth and looked up, his mouth wet with Nick’s pre-come, looking decadent. “You are a needy bastard, aren’t you? Let me work my magic on you before you start humping my mouth.” His lips twisted in a wolfish grin and then Owen proceeded to rack every sense of decorum and rational thought from Nick as his mouth got busy.

Hot, wet, slicking tongue and fingers grasped his shaft and stroked as Owen’s lips sucked him and teased him.

Nick had never felt such a sense of belonging to Owen as he did now. Owen was excellent at blowjobs but this surpassed even his usual high standard. Nick moaned loudly as he watched Owen bobbing up and down. Finally Owen removed his mouth from his attempt to draw Nick’s insides out through his cock and looked up at him as he gave a final swirl to Nick’s glans.

Nick thought frantically he would come there and then. But Owen kept up the pressure on his shaft, stopping the urge to ejaculate as he laughed softly. “You are not coming now. The only place you’ll be when you do that is in my arse. With no damn condom. Trust me when I tell you we don’t need one. I trust you.”

Nick’s dick jerked at that thought and he thought desperately that he hoped he could remain hard. But already the pressure to actually penetrate another man seeped into his mind and despite his will, Nick felt his erection wilt. He felt a sense of panic as Owen settled himself over Nick’s hips, pressing their cocks together, the silky smoothness of his lover tantalising and comforting at the same time.

“Stop thinking about it, Nick,” Owen whispered, as he leaned down and brushed his lips over Nick’s. His arse rubbed against Nick’s groin and Nick’s cock gave another lurch. “Just think of me, my lips, what it feels like to have you like this. I think the best way to do this is with me on top, driving this beautiful machine.” He stroked Nick gently, his thumb gliding over his tip, smearing fluid down the length of his shaft. Owen reached over to drag his pants towards him, reaching into the pocket and bringing out a small packet of lube. He swore as he got paint on his fingers and wiped them on his discarded trousers.

“Always prepared?” Nick gasped as his eyes shut at Owen’s movements on his dick.

Owen grinned. “Always. Now lie back and let me get this on you. Then you can watch me do it to myself. That always seems to turn you on.”


worth keepingNick Mathers pulls Owen Butler from the freezing waters off the Norfolk coast, but Owen’s love can carry Nick back from the edge of oblivion. 

Abused horrifically as a boy, Nick Mathers has come to terms with his existence as a man. Mostly. Other days life seems a little much. Especially when Nick knows he’ll always be alone.

On those days his thoughts turn black. He walks the Norfolk coast and considers the frigid embrace of the waves. And then, one stormy night, he finds someone who’s tasted just that. The beautiful stranger on the beach is near death, and Nick rushes him home to slowly nurse back to health. As he does, he finds a love unlike any other. Owen Butler’s body is as warm as the sea was cold, his heart as big as an ocean. And Owen is a man who swears to repay the favor. Nick can yet be saved from himself, and he will see that he is indeed a man…

About the Author

susan macnichol bioSusan Mac Nicol was born in Leeds, UK, and left for South Africa when she was eight. She returned to the UK thirty years later and now lives in Essex. Her debut novel Cassandra by Starlight, the first in a trilogy, was published last year by Boroughs Publishing Group in the US. Sue’s latest story, Worth Keeping is her third m/m romance.

Sue has written since she was very young, and never thought she would see herself being a Romance writer, being a horror/psychological thriller reader all her life. But the Romance genre is now something very close to her heart and she intends continuing the trend.

Sue is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Romantic Novelists Association here in the UK.

To learn more, visit Susan on her website and blog on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and Pinterest.

Susan Mac Nicol is also author of The Magick of Christmas, Confounding Cupid, Cassandra by Starlight , Together in Starlight, Stripped Bare and Saving Alexander.

Tour Dates

  • Monday 3rd February – Sid Love (review and interview)
  • Tuesday 4th February – Virtual Writers, Inc. (interview) & Mandie Foxylutely (review and guest post)
  • Wednesday 5th February – Gay List Book Reviews (review and guest post) & Pip Gilmour from Live Your Life, Buy the Book (review and guest post)
  • Thursday 6th February – Charlie Cochet (guest post) & Sarah Madison (review and interview)
  • Friday 7th February – Kathryn Lively from All Romance (guest post) & Scuttlebutt Reviews (review and guest post)
  • Saturday 8th February – Beckey White from In the Pages of a Good Book (guest post)
  • Sunday 9th February – Twitter Interview with Susan Mac Nicol (6pm GMT) (hashtag #WorthKeeping)
  • Monday 10th February –  Twinsie Talk Book Reviews (review and guest post) & Shh Moms Reading (review and guest post)
  • Tuesday 11th February – Zipper Rippers (guest post) & Cup O Porn (guest post)
  • Wednesday 12th February – Tammy Middleton from TTC Books & More (review and guest post) & Scott Burkett from Gay. Guy. Reading (review & bonus scene)
  • Thursday 13th February – Susan Mac Nicol’s site & Sophie Sansregret from Evolved World (review and guest post)
  • Friday 14th February – Hearts on Fire Reviews (review and guest post) Joyfully Jay (original excerpt)
  • Saturday 15th February – The Novel Approach (review)
  • Sunday 16th February – MM Good Book Reviews (review and guest post)


Susan and her publisher, Boroughs Publishing Group, will be awarding a copy of Stripped Bare and a copy of Saving Alexander to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour. The contest closes on February 16th.  

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