Hello everyone! Today I am so pleased to welcome author A.F. Henley to the blog.  A.F. is here to talk about her newest release, Second Star to the Right.  She is answering some questions she has gotten on the tour and has also brought a great giveaway to share.  So please join me in giving A.F. a big welcome!


Welcome to the new visitors of the tour, and hello again to my returning friends. As I’ve been explaining throughout, Second Star to the Right is a romance story about a man seeking to define himself, an escort caught between the desire to find connection yet keep himself grounded, and how the brilliance of love can be the brightest light in dark skies if we’re willing to let it burn.

So… in an effort to attempt something a little different for this blog tour, I decided it might be cool to connect with you, the reader, and explain how I define myself. I sent out a call, asking “Inquiring Minds” to throw some questions at me, and offered to do my best to answer them. Let’s light up the sky together, and hopefully have a little fun in the process…

(Be sure to read through to the end for details on the release, as well as a chance to WIN your very own ebook copy.)


Drawboy7 asks: Is there a moment when you just know that the story really works?

Henley replies: No. You just have to keep writing until the characters finish telling what they want to say, and hope that it makes sense when you’re done. What works for one person will be hated by someone else. What disgust some, turn others on like lightbulbs. I can say with all honesty that I’ve never been completely confident with one of my publications. I just to try to fake it as much as I possibly can.


Vinvalen D asks: Of all the characters you’ve written, do you have a favorite? <3

Henley replies: Every one of my main characters hold a special spot in my heart. They’ve all done something, thought something, or brought something into their lives that helped me deal with something in my own. I really like Mason (Second Star to the Right), though. He learns some good lessons about self-respect and letting go of poison.


Anonymous asks: Is there anything in your life that you wish you could have a “redo” on?

Henley replies: Is there anyone out there that doesn’t? God, where do you even start on that one? I might like a redo on school. I didn’t give it half the effort that I should have, and I gave too much consideration to peers and experiences that ended up being meaningless later on. But now that I’m thinking about it, I guess at the end of the day, the things we’ve done and the mistakes we made, became the foundations for the people that we turned out to be. Who knows what wire might have crossed, or what talent might not have sprouted, if I’d done something differently. So I guess, no. The answer is no.

Second Star to the Right

second star to the rightBe it unrequited fascination with his straight best friend or impossible fantasies of rekindled interest with his heartbreaking ex, Mason has no clue why the perfect connection seems to keep slipping through his fingers. When another lonely holiday seems like too much weight to shoulder, Mason gives up on romance and seeks out the next best thing—rented company. Jack is everything a person could want in an escort: willing, hot, and built like an angel.

Mason can’t resist. After all, who wouldn’t be interested in a guy who loves kid’s movies, is a self-professed Peter Pan, and has no problem throwing caution to the wind at a moment’s notice. But then interest quickly blooms into a whole new emotion—an emotion that Mason knows far too well, especially when Jack has no interest in returning it, preferring to keep his heart safely tucked away in Neverland.

  • Word count: 43,000
  • Pairing: M/M
  • Content: Contains some explicit content.

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About the Author

Henley was born with a full-blown passion for run-on sentences, a zealous indulgence in all words descriptive, and the endearing tendency to overuse punctuation. Since the early years Henley has been an enthusiastic writer, from the first few I-love-my-dog stories to the current leap into erotica.

A self-professed Google genius, Henley lives for the hours spent digging through the Internet for ‘research purposes’ which, more often than not, lead seven thousand miles away from first intentions but bring Henley to new discoveries and ideas that, once seeded, tend to flourish.

Henley has been proudly working with LT3 since 2012, and has been writing like mad ever since—an indentured servant to the belief that romance and true love can mend the most broken soul. Even when presented in prose.

Find me at:


As a thanks for reading, I’m offering up an ebook copy of Second Star to the Right, in the format of the winner’s choice. Simply leave a comment below to be entered in the draw.

And! As an extra bonus! All participators in the blog tour giveaway will AUTOMATICALLY BE ENTERED in a future-dated contest for a signed print copy of the novel, and a genuine Swarovski pendant, hand-picked for Second Star to the Right significance. Stay tuned to any of the above-referenced AF Henley sites for details.

The contest closes on February 26th, 2014.

A huge thank you to Joyfully Jay for having me today, as well as to the readers, friends, associates, and followers who stopped by to take part. Here’s hoping you have an awesome and adventurous day. And off we go…

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