Hello everyone! Today I am so excited to welcome back the lovely Rhys Ford.  Rhys is here to talk to us more about her new book, Clockwork Tangerine.  I LOVED this book and reviewed it here a few days ago.  Rhys is sharing with us a character interview to answer all those burning questions we love to hear about. So pull up a seat and join me in giving her a big welcome!


We at Secrets and Scandals are here with one Marcus Stenhill, Viscount of Westwood to ask him popular questions found in many modern periodicals. Since S&S is very exclusive and quite protective of its interviewees, all names will be redacted upon publication but for a select few. You, lucky reader, are one of the few. Westwood will be joined later by his partner, Robin Harris who will be answering these questions in another release. But for right now, we have the ultimate pleasure of hosting the Viscount here with us today.

Westwood: Thank you for having me. I’ve looked over the questions and I have to be honest, they are quite…perplexing at times but I shall do my best. You say these are common questions?


S&S: Yes, apparently these are prevalent in womens’ periodicals and for a twist, we wanted to extend them to you and Mr. Harris.

W: That’s Doctor Harris. His credentials were reinstated. But no offense taken, he’s adjusting to that himself. Very well. Let’s see what I can say about these things.


What was your first impression about your partner?<

W: My first impression was not a good one, I fear. Mostly he was blood, bone and hair. I’d just come across some young bucks beating him. I was more focused on rescuing him. Afterwards though, I have to admit I thought him sublime.


What is your wildest fantasy?

W: I take it this is about bed sports.


S: Whatever you wish it to be.

W: Spoiling Robin. I’d love to spend an afternoon just exploring him and making him feel pampered. I’d have done so sooner but the man doesn’t ever let his brain stop churning away and often times we have to stop what we’re doing so he can go make notes about something. It’s very distracting.


If you could give up one of your senses, which one would it be? Why?

W: Oh this is difficult. Oh upon second thought, no it is quite easy. I would chose smell. Because really, I can pleasure and be pleasured by Robin with the other senses and not have to suffer through some of the sulfurous concoctions he makes to fuel some of those machines of his.


What is the naughtiest thing you’ve done as a child?

W: I am hoping my older brothers do not read this rag but then I’m going to assume that they do not. If they do, they surely wouldn’t comment on this to me for fear of exposing themselves. Either way, I am safe.

I once dropped a wasp’s nest onto them at one of my aunt’s spring regalia picnics. Both of them were courting young women beneath the tree. The current Duke is a bit allergic to wasp stings—nothing deadly but enough for him to blow up like a rotund Scotsman. I found it hilarious.


What is the wackiest gift you have ever received or given someone?

W: Robin has a very interesting idea on what a present entails. Let’s just say it was something to assist me if ever my member decided to wilt at the most inopportune moment. While creative and very masculine looking, I hope never to use it.


If you were a fruit, what would it be?

W: I think I’d rather like to be a mango. Those are quite brilliant and can be eaten green in a savoury or ripened in a sweet. All purpose fruit, really.


The most embarrassing thing someone has ever said or done to you is…?

W: Once again, Robin. He asked me if—and I am going to remove the context—he asked; Is that supposed to hook that way? Doesn’t it hurt? He then proceeded to poke at me until I hooked that way no longer. Too damned curious by far sometimes, that one.


What was the craziest thing you’ve done on a dare?

W: I went down to Little Orient during the Sorghum Troubles at three in the morning when I was thirteen because one of my school mates told me he’d give his lucky cricket bat if I would go down and bring back a prostitute’s undergarments. I paid a very lovely woman a pound for a pair of her washed stays and hightailed it out of there.

It dawned on me later that I could have paid that pound to a maid and not risked my scrawny neck. Hell, I could have bought a pair of fancy knickers and a new bat for that pound. I was an idiot.


Have you ever committed a petty crime?

W: I went to an all-boys school. Of course I committed a petty crime. They should teach a course in it.


Your worst date. Describe it.

W: I once was seated next to a young woman—whose name I shall not mention—at a dinner party. We were the youngest people there by about forty years and it was obvious our families were hoping to spark something between us. It was quite awkward, especially when I found out later she had a very special relationship with one particular lady friend of hers. I hope she forgives my aunt for meddling and pushing us together.

On the other hand, mock turtle soup comes out of velvet with the correct application of a fizzy tonic.


Lights on or off?

W: Have you seen my beautiful boy? Lights on.


If you could go back in time to tell your 16-year-old self something, what would you say?

W: Treasure your family. Spend as much time with your father as possible and enjoy the memories of your mother. And most of all, don’t be surprised when love takes you in the worst possible way at the worst possible moment.


If you had to describe your relationship in 5 words, what would they be?

W: Five words? Oh that is difficult. Let’s see; challenging, invigorating, perplexing, sensual, maddening.


If you could name a drink after yourself, what would it be?

W: I would have to concoct a drink then? Let’s see, I think it would be a good Irish whiskey, black cherry juice and fizzy soda.


What do you think women find most attractive about you?

W: I would like to think that I am first and foremost a gentleman. A woman can always feel safe in my presence.


What would your autobiography be called?

W: Oh, What Has He Blown Up Now? I seem to be saying that a lot lately. Although in some cases, it isn’t He as much as She. If the title were solely about me, it would probably be Westwood’s Madness.


What is the sexiest thing about your partner?

W: Ah, Robin. There are so many things about him I find erotic but I’m torn between his hands and his mouth. He is quite animated and there’s something sensual about watching him talk. His mouth moves in ways that make me think of naughty things.


S&S: That is the last of our questions. Thank you for allowing us to have the time with you today. The second part of this interview will be featuring Dr. Robin Harris and published in the Prism Book Alliance. Thank you again and please accept our best wishes in your continued happiness.

W: Thank you for having me. I plan on being present for Robin’s interview. Knowing him, I will have to keep him focused. My express gratitude to you and your readers. I hope to speak with you all again soon.

Clockwork Tangerine Blurb

clockwork tangerineThe British Empire reigns supreme, and its young Queen Victoria has expanded her realm to St. Francisco, a bustling city of English lords and Chinese ghettos. St. Francisco is a jewel in the Empire’s crown and as deeply embroiled in the conflict between the Arcane and Science as its sister city, London—a very dark and dangerous battle.

Marcus Stenhill, Viscount of Westwood, stumbles upon that darkness when he encounters a pack of young bloods beating a man senseless. Westwood’s duty and honor demand he save the man, but he’s taken aback to discover the man is Robin Harris, a handsome young inventor indirectly responsible for the death of Marcus’s father.

Living in the shadows following a failed coup, Robin devotes his life to easing others’ pain, even though his creations are considered mechanical abominations of magicks and science. Branded a deviant and a murderer, Robin expects the viscount to run as far as he can—and is amazed when Marcus reaches for him instead.

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