Hello everyone! Today I am pleased to welcome author Draven St. James to talk to us a bit about men in uniform.  Draven is sharing some thoughts on sexy firefighters and EMTs.  Please join me in giving Draven a big welcome!


men in uniform weekHeroes, uniforms, fire, and water. The combination of any of the above is just spine tingling fodder when woven into a storyline. Take a man fully dressed in firefighting gear, climbing through your window to rescue you from the flames and, admit it, you want him to take you back to a more secure location to thank him properly. When taking in those four words you may just wonder about how the water would play into a wickedly wonderful heated moment.  But remember those sexy men, covered in ash and sweat, do go back to the firehouse and let the heated spray of water map out every inch of their body.  Jealous of water now?

Yet, a hero isn’t just heat of the moment rescues backed by fire and frantic scenarios. A truly courageous person can wear many different uniforms. One in particular who may be underappreciated in the world of body heating outerwear is the paramedic. When a person is most vulnerable, stretched out, wondering about the condition of their fragile form, it is the paramedic who provides comfort. It is the paramedic whose kindheartedness and care still the moment of panic. I have to say, that in my opinion, tenderness is sexy. The gentle touches can bring to life fantasies of how such a touch could be used in a more sensual way.

I write books with these heroic men in them so that well…honestly…I really love doing the research. I cannot tell a lie. Being able to spend hours getting to know these strong men and hearing the stories of their lives is awesome. More importantly, bringing the stories of their struggles to life is something that brings me joy. They are handsome, but behind that they are real men who risk their lives every day. Being in the presence of such bravery is amazing and getting the chance to know the men beneath the uniform is a gift. I must, however, reveal that I’ve been lucky enough to listen to these delicious, phenomenal men read some scenes, from the Firehouse Six novels, aloud. The humor and enjoyment they express when reciting the words makes every hour writing, editing, and promoting worth it.

While I intend to continue to provide my readers with more stories revolving around the heroes in the Firehouse Six books, I am also trying to convince the guys I know in real life to do a calendar. I’d love for all of you to see the heroes that inspire me to write about my sexy Men in Uniform.