Hello everyone! Today I am so excited to welcome author Lily Harlem here for Men in Uniform Week! She is here to talk to us about hot athletes in uniform. You know we are big fans of our jocks here (and celebrated Jock Week last year) so this was a another great chance to talk about this sexy men!  Welcome Lily!

Studly Athletes by Lily Harlem

men in uniform weekHello, and thanks for inviting me to join in the fabulous fun on Men in Uniform week. I’m a sucker for a guy in his work clothes, make that ‘two’ hot guys getting down and dirty and I’m all a quiver!

Uniforms are sexy, there’s no doubt about it. They give an air of confidence, professionalism and skill, and yeah, okay, they can make a cute ass look even cuter! It doesn’t seem to matter what the uniform is, I like it, firemen, soldiers, cops, but I do have a particular thing for athletes. Those short shorts and tight tops that show off all their roped muscles and golden flesh. Mmm…

But it’s more than that, really it is. To be the best-of-the-best these athletes are loaded with testosterone (I’m talking the natural stuff, nothing injected) and that makes them a wonderful treat for every sense. Plus they posses such supreme fitness and awe-inspiring stamina that it’s impossible not to think of their blessedly buff bodies between the sheets.

However, for me, as an author, it the athletes psych that really grabs my attention? Their unwavering competitive streak, single-minded focus and the thought of ‘if they’re that obsessed with being the best, of winning and scoring, when their on the pitch, the stadium or the rink what the hell would they be like in bed?’ ‘Off the chart amazing,’ my inner voice shouts. ‘You’ll feel like you’ve won the damn Olympic gold medal in ecstasy’.

Talking of Olympics of course I thoroughly enjoyed all the action from Russia, none more so than the ice hockey. I write a hockey series, Hot Ice, and book #5 High-Sticked, is all about an NHL top-striker falling for his photographer when he’s contracted to be the face of a new modeling campaign. Oh, yes Todd Carty is gorgeous as well as being incredibly skillful with a puck! I should mention that High-Sticked is perfectly fine to enjoy as a standalone read, you don’t need to have read the whole series to enjoy immersing yourself in Todd and Matthew’s sexy story.

I’ll confess I’ve never had wild, swing-from-the-chandelier-sex with a professional sportsman, but I do have a pretty damn vivid imagination, especially when it comes to hot man loving! I live in the UK and our most famous sporting export of recent years is of course the delectable David Beckham – yum! And it was his modeling for Armani that gave me the idea for High-Sticked.

But we have a few other hotties which I thought I’d share. Why not? It’s cold outside and we have to keep warm somehow! This is boxer Joe Calzaghie, he’s Welsh (YAY!). He is seriously hot and a seriously nice guy too. I was lucky enough to meet him once – swoon! – and I had to be picked up off the floor when my knees gave way. His voice is all deep and lilting, one side of his mouth twitches when he smiles and his eyes sparkle with a confident naughtiness. He’s like a great big vat of sin which would be so heavenly to jump into! Damn – missed my opportunity by becoming a boneless heap!

I should also mention Johnny Wilkinson, this guy scored the winning point for England in the Rugby World Cup Final despite having dislocated his shoulder minutes earlier in an evil tackle – ouch!! Now that is man on a mission, a man with unwavering self-control. Can you imagine…?

Of course there are supremely gorgeous and talented sportsmen the world over both in reality and in author’s imaginations. And as long as readers keep enjoying sexy athletes getting it together, then I’ll keep on writing about them. Thanks for having me…

Lily x

who dares wins banner


Lily’s latest release is Who Dares Wins, a ménage a trois story that features dominant soldiers and is nestled within the pages of the Stand to Attention Anthology just out at Totally Bound.


Blurb for Who Dares Wins

When secret service becomes not so secret servicing by not one, but two sexy soldiers, Ken learns that dreams can come true in explosive style!

Waiting for my SAS husband Jack to come home safe and sound is always a gut-wrenching, heart-twisting time. I have no idea where he is, what jungle swamp he may be lying out in or desert he might be marching across.

So naturally when he returns to me, our emotions can’t fail to run hot and our lust for each other cranks up to sky-high levels. But the one thing about Jack is he lives for the extreme and seizes the moment. I really should have known what would come of me telling him my wildest fantasies.

Oh, yes, he’s a guy who gets results…and when he brings home his colleague Slider, equally tough, equally rough, the pair of them can’t fail to hit the target. That target happens to be lucky old me and I head off on the ride of my life…


Links including the new Hockey Romance Site – http://www.hockeyromance.com


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