911Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novel

“Three. That’d be hard to do. I mean, I’m sure it would work for the right people, but how do you find the right people? I mean, do you go looking? Do you just find someone and say, ‘Hey, my partner and I were wondering if you want to be a part of us?’ or do these things just happen?”

men in uniform weekHis trip to the emergency room proves to be the best in all Drew’s years as a firefighter. It has nothing to do with the reason for being there in the first place – that he could do without. But it has everything to do with the sexy doctor who treats him and, by a twist of fate, happens to need a place to live. And as luck would have it, Drew is in need of a roommate. The more time they spend together, the more Drew wants from Scott, but Scott is a little skittish and Drew doesn’t want to push him away.

Scott is finishing his residency and is focused on his studies, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t notice his handsome roommate turned best friend. He wants more from Drew, but after being hurt by his last boyfriend, Scott doesn’t make the first move, or any move…ever. So when, after months together, Drew finally gives him an invitation, literally, Scott jumps at the chance to have the sexy firefighter.

As months turn into years, the relationship between Drew and Scott grows and strengthens, facing family issues and what being gay would mean for their careers. The one thing that has grown to be a constant in their lives is poker with the boys once a week. That’s where Scott and Drew meet Eric. They both feel a strong attraction to Eric, but are unsure if any advance would be welcome. But when Eric is in need of a place to live, Drew and Scott offer up their spare room. If they can’t have Eric, the least they can do is have him as a friend. Until he becomes more.

Between learning to live with one another, learning secrets, dealing with family problems, and facing physical injuries, Drew, Scott, and Eric journey towards a future together in the midst of lies, secrets, and fear.

911 is my final contribution to Joyfully Jay’s Men in Uniform Week. And, I mean, what better finale than a book about a fireman, doctor, and EMT? Really, I melt. All the sexy men in all the uniforms. This book is nothing if not drool-worthy. Lucky for me, and for you, this book is more than just sexy boys.

Chris Owen does a great job creating reality from fiction. This book is intriguing in many ways, but the way this author attacks the issues of three men in one relationship is the most intriguing. I’ll be honest, I like ménage books a lot. But I don’t always find them believable. In the relationship between Scott, Drew, and Eric, the dynamics are believable. It’s not always easy between them. Insecurities arise. Fear, secrets, and lies test the strength of their bond. But these men are good to sit down and think logically, but also with the others in mind. They are each on equal footing.

This author has a way with characters. In 911, Owen brings to life three incredibly strong, confident men. He is able to portray a vulnerability in each of them while maintaining that strength. Scott with his fear of being outed at work. Drew with the way he handles his injury. And Eric entering an already established relationship. These men are allowed to be insecure, vulnerable, and fearful without being weak. And that quality is what brings out the beauty in each man, the perfection bred from imperfection.

This story has so many facets, so many issues to deal with. It spans years, beginning with the relationship between Scott and Drew, then years later meeting Eric, and eventually absorbing him into their partnership. I love the many problems outlined in this story – family, work, relationship, drug dependency, life in the closet. They face very realistic problems in a very realistic world and not everything turns out good. I enjoyed the feeling of truthfulness in this book.

There were some slow spots and some over-the-top dialogue, but overall, I really enjoyed this story. And as always I love the storytelling of Chris Owen. So yes, as my final review for Men in Uniform Week here at Joyfully Jay, I definitely recommend 911 by Chris Owen.

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