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Length: Short Story

Denny Patton always gets pulled into his brother’s rescue plans, but he doesn’t mind so much. He went into law enforcement so he could help people. This is simply another way he does that, albeit, an illegal one. This mission is different, however, more dangerous. The werewolves they are rescuing have been abused, for years in some cases, and are heavily guarded. The mission runs smoother than anyone expects. When Denny is asked to help a wounded wolf, he never expects to discover the man he loved and lost seven years ago.

Elijah Garber was Denny’s first love – best friends through childhood, they discovered true love and held on to it. And one day, Elijah disappeared leaving only a confusing note behind. But no matter how hard Denny searched, he never came close to finding him.

But now that Denny has Elijah back, he’s not letting go, no matter what. Determined to keep the wolf in his life, Denny and Elijah face their fears and frustrations that have multiplied over the past seven years. And even if they can find the love they once shared, they still have to face the threat of the men who held Elijah prisoner.

Okay, so this story was okay, but it felt more like a few scenes out of a bigger story. I may have liked it more had it been written as such. And maybe it will be someday as it looks to be the first in Dean’s The Bay Wolves series. It has a good story line. And who doesn’t love a man finding his long lost love only to discover that said long lost love is a werewolf? I certainly do. So that part of this short was enjoyable.

I’m disappointed in the lack of world building. There were times that I didn’t understand what was going on, like the author expected readers to simply know what was happening without outlining the rules. The laws of this paranormal world are confusing. Why exactly is it legal for humans to keep werewolves as sex slaves and the like? How exactly does one become a werewolf? What happens when a human is turned? These are only a few of the questions I had. There is so much more that could be expounded upon to make this world great. As it is, it’s just okay.

I like the characters although it felt like their reunion came too easily. Elijah suffers years of abuse, yet he dives back into a relationship with Denny with barely a flinch? It’s hardly believable. And Denny, who was more hurt than he could express by Elijah’s abandonment, is okay with welcoming Elijah home without explanation? I didn’t get it. Outside of the relationship aspects of this story, I liked the guys. They’re strong and determined, and their chemistry is great. But their personal conflict is brushed off like it’s no big deal. I had a hard time with that.

So, yeah. I liked this one okay but I didn’t love it. I would have surely liked it more had it been longer, more involved. I’m hoping any additional installments in this series will have more answers than questions.

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