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When paramedic Aaron Chase meets Joey Miller, his first thoughts are of Joey’s hot ass.  And that is pretty much where they stay at first, as the guys have a hot hookup not long after.  Aaron raised his siblings after their drug addict mother took off, managing to keep them out of foster care with a lot of determination and more than their share of desperate times. Now that the kids are all out of house, Aaron is not looking for any more commitment or responsibility.  He wants to be able to enjoy life and live for himself for a while.

men in uniform weekThe problem is that somehow Joey finds a way into Aaron’s heart and won’t let go.  Joey is basically Aaron’s polar opposite – cheery and optimistic and seemingly always in need of saving.  Somehow Aaron can’t resist him, and before he realizes it, Joey has become an important part of Aaron’s life despite the fact that he never wanted a relationship.  But as Aaron begins to realize how important Joey has become, and how much he needs Joey in his life, the thought of once again having someone who needs him (and who he needs back) is terrifying.  Joey is determined to have his happily ever after with Aaron, but he also doesn’t always know when to stop pushing for what he wants.  Aaron has to decide if having Joey in his life is worth opening himself up to really caring about someone again, or if he is going to lose the man he has grown to love because he is too afraid to try.

So I will tell you before I go any further that I am a HUGE fan of K.A. Mitchell and Collision Course is my favorite book of hers. I have read and reread this book many times and was so excited to see it fit in so nicely with Men in Uniform Week so that I could justify another reread to review for you here.  Aaron and Joey are probably in my handful of all time favorite couples, and for me, they are what really make this book.  Mitchell manages to create such beautifully complex and layered characters that unveil themselves more and more as the story goes on.  What first starts off as Aaron the arrogant prick and Joey the sunny brat becomes so much more as the story goes on.  We see how much Aaron struggled to raise his siblings, how strong he had to be for so many years. And so we can understand now why Aaron is resistant to being responsible to or for anyone else, even just emotionally. And Joey is so adorable and endearing that he is used to getting whatever he wants.  He has to learn that he can’t control everything and put the world in his own order.  Sometimes he needs to take risks and let things happen.  They are such an interesting contrast, and watching these guys figure out how they are actually quite perfect for one another is so rewarding.

I also must point out that this is a super sexy story.  Like SUPER sexy.  Mitchell manages to infuse this book with a lot of crazy hot sex, but also make it about so much more.  When they are intimate, Aaron can finally open up.  We see the tenderness he has for Joey, the love he feels for him that he can’t quite express the rest of the time. And Joey sees it too.  We also see Joey give up control, letting Aaron take the lead in ways he can not do in other aspects of his life.  The sex is pretty much perfect between these guys from minute one, but they need to slowly figure out how to pull the rest of their relationship in line.  This book is so incredibly crazy hot, but it is never just sex.  Seeing these guys together really gives insight to their relationship, both for us as readers, and for them as characters.  It is so fabulously well done.

So this is one of my all time favorite m/m romances and I don’t have much else to say except for read it.  It is fabulous and romantic and sexy and Mitchell gives us such totally amazing characters in Aaron and Joey. I hope you all love them as much as I do.

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Note: Just wanted to point out that this story is the second book of the larger Florida series and characters from both the first and third book appear here. I read this one first and had no trouble so I think you can pick this up with no worries. But do read the third book for sure as well. No Souveniers is amazing too and features the fabulously arrogant and snarky Dr. Kim we meet here.

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