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Length: Short Story

Upon their return to the kingdom, the Lord High Paladin and High Necromancer have found precious little time to spend with each other as the duties of the kingdom and the battles against the kingdom’s enemies have conspired to keep them both busy and away from each other. Both Soran and Koray are still trying to adjust to their new relationship and Koray’s new role at court and castle, as lover and mage. But when the lovers find themselves alone in some much needed privacy, they find that it is their own insecurities and uncertainties they must overcome.

This is the second story in the Black Magic series, one I just love. The first book tells the beginnings of their romance, as they meet over the death of one of Soren’s closest friends and relatives and work together to find the murderer and the plot against the kingdom. Come to Me picks up after the events of Black Magic with Koray now ensconced as the High Necromancer, bringing the once reviled mages and necromancers back into favor in the Kingdom of Vendala where once they were all outlawed.

Once again the subtly layered characters of Soren and Koray come to life as the stress and strain of their new relationship and duties within the Kingdom give birth to doubts about their love and commitment to each other. The author takes the realities of present day life and the toll it takes on committed couples and transfers it to her fantasy world and its inhabitants. The reader will easily relate to and commiserate with the busy schedules, missed messages, and misunderstandings that rise up between Soren and Koray, especially considering how new their relationship is.

And makeup sex, no matter what universe or event that precipitates it, is still as hot and satisfying no matter the couple or argument behind it.

All the usual wondrous Derr elements are present. Battles, horses, magic, castles, and of course, love. Her writing is crisp and rich in detail, the sexy encounters white hot and the dialog in keeping with her characters and world building.

If, however, you are new to the Black Magic series, the missing context as far as the narrative is concerned might leave you wondering about the events that lead up to this story. Proceed immediately backward and grab up the first story, Black Magic to find out how it all started. Them return to Come To Me to see how the Lord High Paladin and High Necromancer are adjusting to life together.

Book Cover by Megan Derr. It fits in with the series brand but I find it a little dark to make out.

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