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Length: Novella

When Scott McGregor is burned in a fire that took most of his team, save he and the young man he rescued, the last thing he expected was for his college lover to show up. But old emergency contact information drew the forest ranger from San Francisco to Albuquerque to help take care of his old friend. After months of healing in the hospital, Scott is out and ready to face a new challenge of owning and running a bed and breakfast in Flagstaff, AZ. It’s a new adventure, but Scott can’t go back to what he was doing, can’t even think about what he’s lost. So it’s time to start over with something new.

Robby Hammond never expected to see Scott again, but when his friend needs his help, Robby doesn’t think twice. Now that Scotty is out of the hospital, Robby has promised to keep an eye on him. That’s why he quit his job in San Francisco and took a new, part time job in Flagstaff. That’s what he tells himself anyway. It certainly couldn’t be because he wants to be near the lover he once disappointed.

Scott has too many issues to work through regarding the fire. Robby is still battling the past that stood between him and Scott ten years ago, not to mention the depression and guilt. But the fire that raged between both men a decade ago still burns hot, and when Scott learns Robby is moving to Flagstaff too, he’s determined to take back what was once his. But have both men moved on or is the past sure to repeat itself?

Oh. My. God. I’ve heard a ton about this Pulp Friction group of writers that I finally had to give in and read this year’s set of serials. Firestorm is the first of 2014, Pulp Friction 2014 to be exact. And if this is what I have to look forward to, I may go crazy before the end of the fifth round.

Firestorm is the first in Laura Harner’s Fighting Fire series from Pulp Friction 2014 (I’ll explain Pulp Friction more in depth at the end of this review). This is the first book from  Harner that I’ve read. It won’t be the last. This story is exciting, emotional, angsty, and heart-wrenching.

The dynamic between Robby and Scott is worthy of this title. The chemistry between the two is off the charts, but the things left unsaid, the history, and the secrets that stand between them is where this story really lights up. I was cheering for them to get back together from the beginning. I mean, why would Robby drop his life and move to Flagstaff otherwise? But the relationship between Scott and Robby is more complicated than that and I so look forward to seeing how it plays out.

This novella, while the beginning of a bigger picture, is packed with story. The story is mainly about Robby and Scott, their failed relationship, and the hope of something new. But there is also a side story involving some of the residents of Mountain Shadows, Scott’s campground. It keeps the tension built and the excitement up. Never a dull moment in this story.

I look forward to what is to come from each of Harner’s stories as well as the three other authors in this world. If you have not read a Pulp Friction series before, I recommend you start now. Firestorm is sweet, angst, exciting, and perfect. I can’t wait to see what is next for Scott and Robby.

Highly Recommended.

Pulp Friction is a group of writers – Laura Harner, Lee Brazil, Havan Fellows, and T.A. Webb. Each author writes a series that can, at its core, be read as a standalone. But each series by each separate author intertwines with the other three to form a world of excitement, life, and love. There are five rounds to each series for a total of twenty stories, each released every two weeks, with one fabulous finale featuring all four authors and all the characters from their stories.

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