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When people ask me why I almost exclusively read m/m romance, I tell them the truth — that some of the most talented, most skilled storytellers are authors in the genre. I could’ve just said, “Read Harper Fox.” She is an author at the top of her game, an author who could get a book published in any genre, due to her lyrical writing style and mastery of her craft. And the best part is, she also writes extremely hot sex scenes involving gorgeous men who are in love with each other. I’ve loved every book I’ve read by Harper Fox, and Half Moon Chambers is no exception. I was in love with this book from the first page to the last; I read it in a matter of hours. Read it. Please read it.

men in uniform weekHalf Moon Chambers is about Vince, a cop on the other side of the pond (I’m dying for this to come out on Audiobook, so I can listen to the sexy accents!) whose life is going fairly well. He has a drug-addicted brother, but he’s also having intense sex with his partner — cop partner and relationship partner — and is committed to his job as a “copper” on the drug beat. One night, everything changes. He gets called out to a scene to try to take down a prominent kingpin in the local drug trade, but instead he gets shot in the back, both metaphorically and physically, and his life as he knows it is basically over.

Still taking painkillers to try to numb a bit of the excruciating pain that has become part of his life, Vince goes out on a call to track down Rowan, a witness in a drug-related murder. Rowan is skittish and runs. Vince tries to run after him and ends up almost passing out, since his body has never recovered from the shooting and, unless Vince agrees to a surgery that has a 50/50 permanent paralysis rate, will never be able to do the things he used to do. Rowan watches over him, and the two learn more about each other.

Rowan is a recovering addict and an artist, who isn’t about to risk his sobriety and his safety to testify in the case. Vince sees that the case won’t even go to trial without his help, and he has a personal investment in it, since it’s the same group who shot him in the back. While Vince is trying to convince Rowan to testify, they have a difficult time fighting their attraction to one another. There are so many obstacles facing the relationship, coming from both men, and they’re caught up in a very dangerous drug trade case.

This book has everything. There’s a tense, action-packed story, skillfully developed characters you grow to care about deeply, enough extremely sexy bedroom scenes to keep you satisfied, and beautiful, lyrical prose that sets this book apart from about 99% of all the books out there. If you love flawed cops, you’ll love this story. Rowan and Vince are complex, with issues that make you wonder if they’ll even survive the year, let alone be healthy enough to be together as a couple. They’re both a bit morally ambiguous, both have self-destructive tendencies which make it difficult to envision their happily ever after, but I liked that aspect. Too often, novels have the HEA all wrapped up after a few pages, and while that can be sweet, it’s not nearly as intriguing as watching two men grappling with problems that seem insurmountable.

I could go on and on, singing the praises of Harper Fox, but really you should just read this book and everything else she’s written. I know I will.

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