its all geek to meRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

After his best friend Tel got laid up in an accident, Jez is determined to help him out by tracking down a copy of a comic book Tel wants.  When Jez makes his way to the Hidden Asteroid bookstore, he is blown away by the hunky guy working the counter.  Jez figures his only chance at impressing this amazing man is to pretend to be into all the comic book and superhero stuff that Rhys obviously likes.  So Jez gets Tel to tutor him in “geek,” getting Jez up to speed on comics, gaming, online chats, and all sort of other things he will need to impress Rhys.  The more time Jez spends with Rhys, the more he realizes how much he likes the hunky geek. But he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep up the charade that he is really into all this comic stuff.  At some point the truth will come out and Jez must hope that Rhys forgives him for pretending and that his gorgeous geek will still want him after all.

It’s All Geek to Me is an adorable short story and a lot of fun.  Jez is a little bit of bumbling mess and he stumbles along, trying to impress Rhys but mostly babbling and being awkward. He is endearing and cracked me up. And I liked that even though Rhys is supposedly the “geek” of the pair, he is actually much more suave and smooth, while Jez is more of a mess. It is a cute twist to see Rhys be so cool and gorgeous, despite the fact that he works at the comic book store. He is all tall and dark with body piercings and a “hawky” hairstyle.  I just loved Jez’s reaction when he first meets Rhys and how he is so tongue tied around him.

The story is fairly simple, with the guys meeting, getting to know one another, and learning about the real people they are inside. I enjoyed seeing how even with this pretending at the start, Rhys and Jez actually have a lot in common and are a good fit. I also liked how Rhys bolsters Jez’s shattered confidence about his looks and his general appeal, confidence that had suffered under a past boyfriend.

So I enjoyed this story. It is light and fun and I really liked both Rhys and Jez.  This is a great choice when you are looking for a fun read that is short and sweet.

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