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Every Thursday night for the past three years, Damon has watched a sexy redhead come into his bar, drink two beers, and leave without interacting with anyone.  One night Damon finally decides to talk to the man, and after some flirting, convinces the guy to come upstairs to Damon’s apartment with him.

Toby is a creature of habit who takes a long time to work up to any change.  Three years ago, he broke up with his girlfriend and came out as gay. He still is a virgin and hasn’t ever dated or really interacted with guys at all.  Just getting to the bar every week is about all he can handle.  But on Thursdays he works up the nerve to wear a plug all day at work, and then come into the bar.

When Damon and Toby get to Damon’s apartment, a whole new world of sex opens up for Toby.  Damon is dominant and sexual and recognizes a pent up sensuality in Toby he is determined to bring out.  Through their night of passion and subsequent time together, Damon introduces Toby to new toys, the thrill of piercings, and lots and lots of sex.  At times Toby finds himself overwhelmed, taking so many steps forward after so long being reserved and hiding away.  But being with Damon opens up a whole new world, one he is determined to embrace with Damon’s help.

So let’s lay it all out there, shall we? This story is basically about two guys having a lot of sex.  A LOT of sex.  Like on practically every page and in practically every moment.  Now it is hot sex, particularly if you like that kind of low level dom/sub dynamic, but it is pretty much all sex.  So I think your feelings about this story are really going to depend on whether a book that has lots of sex but little plot appeals to you, as well as whether you find these two guys entertaining together.  Personally, the sexual dynamic worked for me and I was in the mood for something light and hot and this book delivered.  But just be aware that there isn’t much else here.

The biggest issue is that there just isn’t a lot to the story. The guys meet, they have sex a million times, Toby occasionally gets overwhelmed on sensory overload, and then there is a “thriller” element thrown in that is over before it even starts.  The conflicts are minor and resolved almost immediately so they can get back to having still more sex. We don’t learn much about either of these men, beyond what they like in bed.  Toby particularly has some potential as he is a sculptor and I think there is an interesting link that could have been made between his art and his tactile energy and how they relate to his sexual interests with Damon. But that is never explored or even really addressed.  Beyond Toby’s art, there is little, if any, character development for either of these men.

Not to get mired in the sex stuff, but really you need to just suspend your disbelief and go with it if you are going to enjoy this one.  After dating a woman and coming out three years before, Toby is still a virgin in his 30s.  That is a long time to go with no sex, especially after having a girlfriend.  Then after about 10 minutes of talking with Damon, Toby is following a stranger up to his apartment for sex.  And not just any stranger, but one who is dominant and fairly controlling in bed. On the first night they are together, Damon tells Toby:

You’ve had three years of coming by your own hand.  From now on, you get your pleasure from me.

By the next morning, Damon tells him:

“I’m going to keep you plugged, all the time now.”

Keep me…?

“Every day and every night. You’ll learn to walk with different ones in –you’ll learn to crave it.”

Again, this guy was a virgin who couldn’t progress past sitting in a bar chair for THREE YEARS, yet within about 10 hours he is agreeing to never masturbating alone again and wearing a plug all day for someone else’s pleasure.  Not to mention the fact that apparently Toby has the stamina of an 18-year old on viagra because the man comes more times per hour than any human being has the right to.  And of course, these guys are in love and happily together after a remarkably short time.

So yes, you all understand what I am saying here right? This is a story with lots of sex, and very little plot. If you are in the mood for that type of story, as I was, then I think it is entertaining.  But if you are looking for realism, character development, or any real plot, than you aren’t going to find that here. So I enjoyed it, but just know what you are getting.

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