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Length: Short Story

Tristan and Jared continue to be in high demand as rent boys at Market Garden.  They are making lots of money, both separately and together.  They are also connecting more off the job, casually dating as well as having a sexual relationship.  But Jared can tell something has been off with Tristan lately.  He seems upset and distant, especially when Jared comes back from seeing a john alone.  Jared is so happy with Tristan, but he is afraid he might find out that Tristan wants to end things between them.

One night the guys are surprised to once again see one of their favorite clients, the man they have dubbed Rolex.  Rolex was the john the first time they worked together, and again for a sexy night where Jared gave Tristan a strip tease.  This time Rolex wants to have sex with Jared while Tristan watches.  Normally this would be great, as Rolex always comes with a wad of cash and watching Jared is usually a big turn on for Tristan.  But this time, staying professional with his heart on the line may just prove to be too much for Tristan.

Payoff is the sixth story in Voinov and Witt’s fabulous Market Garden series and the third featuring Tristan and Jared (following the wonderful Quid Pro Quo and Take it Off).  This story could stand alone just fine, but it really wraps up the journey for these guys in a great way.  We see how a personal relationship has bloomed for the two along side their working partnership, and how much they have come to care for each other.  This story highlights the difficulty they are now having balancing both parts of their relationship and sets up things going forward, both with work and personally.

As always this story is super hot.  The sexual energy between Jared and Tristan is just amazing and adding in Rolex makes for an even hotter story.  I enjoyed how we see that the guys have come to really like Rolex and that he is a good and caring person.  And when the three of them get together, they love the power games with everyone working to be in control and all of them getting overcome by their lust and emotions.  It is super sexy, but with a nice undertone of people who genuinely like one another.

I am not sure if this is the last we will see of Jared and Tristan. If so, I am sad to see them go, but the authors definitely give them a great send off. I loved this one and definitely recommend it.

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