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Private Investigator Rafe Bridges lives his life on his own terms. He chooses the cases he wants to take. He’s gay and unafraid to show it. His relationship with his parents isn’t solid, but it’s cordial. But his world is turned upside down when Jeremy Halliday walks in.

men in uniform weekWhen his childhood friend’s sister goes missing, Officer Jeremy Halliday calls a private investigator. It’s not because he doesn’t trust the police force, but he knows their focus won’t rest fully on that case, while a private eye’s will. After Rafe takes the case, Jeremy and Rafe fall into an easy friendship. When Jeremy discovers Rafe is gay, he’s shocked at first but tries to not let it affect their friendship. An attraction that Jeremy can’t explain wars within Jeremy between what he’s always known to be true and the feelings he has for his friend.

As Rafe and Jeremy continue investigating the case of the missing girl, evidence leads them on a journey filled with lies and deceit. As they venture into the case, Rafe finds himself putting distance between him and Jeremy, afraid of getting hurt. But when Jeremy thinks he may be losing his friend, he has to evaluate his life and what he truly wants before he loses what is most important.

Private Eye is the first in the Liasons series by S.E. Culpepper.

I love this book. Love it. It’s a wonderful, well-written story with great characters and tons of excitement. If you guys have been following along, you know I have a love for the out-for-you trope. Just something about it. From the sexy terminally-straight man to the strong, gay man who knows who he is and what he wants. This book hits all my OFY buttons.

And not only is Private Eye an intense romance, but it’s also a thrilling mystery. I love a good law enforcement story and this one is better than good. It’s intriguing and suspenseful. With a storyline that is shocking and not easy to figure out, which is always a plus in my book.

This is the first book I’ve ever read from this author and I have to say I was pleased with the set up and consistency. This author captured my attention from word one and held it to the very end. The emotional distress portrayed in this story is almost tangible at times. The feelings, the heartbreak, the confusion come across as realistic and powerful. I couldn’t get enough.

I am in love with Rafe and Jeremy. Individually, both men are wonderful. Jeremy with the ability to follow his heart, no matter how long it takes for him to realize what’s going on around him. His acceptance and willingness to change are beautiful. He’s a powerful character. Then there’s Rafe and his strong sense of self. He knows who he is and makes no apologies for it. He’s a protector, a rock. He’s amazing.

And together…well, I shouldn’t have to tell you how much I love strong men. So it should be a given that my heart flutters when I see two strong, confident men together. And these two? I’m just saying, you’ll need a fan or a cold shower. Hot is not the word. Fiery, scorching, burning, scalding – those may come a little closer. I’m telling you guys, Rafe and Jeremy together once they finally give in is beyond sexy.

So, yes, I loved every second of this book. I didn’t want to put it down. It a wonderfully written book of unexpected love and heart-pounding mystery. I can’t wait to continue this series. I highly, highly recommend Private Eye by S.E. Culpepper.

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