queens of the apocalypseRating: 4.5 stars
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In my opinion it takes some very good writing to make a zombie apocalypse funny.  Let me restate that.  Knee-slapping, tear-inducing, sudden outburst kind of laughing—this is what Rob Rosen’s writing is sure to produce in you as you read his latest offering, Queens of the Apocalypse.

Three drag queens, Destiny St. James, Miss Kit Kat, and Blondella Bombshell are inside their steel enforced dressing room when a massive explosion hits the bar where they perform.  Going outside, the intense heat and lifeless bodies that lay scattered about make them aware that the solar flares that had been predicted have obviously occurred, causing a massive radiation strike that has wiped out most of mankind.  Thinking every one is dead (and not being far off the mark) Destiny reaches out to touch one of the bodies and is called back when the other “girls” realize the once dead bodies are now re-animating.   Welcome zombie apocalypse.

Now begins a series of adventures, and near fatal attacks as the three drag queens, along with a mortician and a few other survivors in tow, race to get across the country in order to meet up in New York with Blondella’s boyfriend, Johnny. Along the way, Max the mortician will fall in love with Destiny, Kit will prove to be a veritable genius when hopped up on chocolate, and Blondella will never lose hope that Johnny is still alive.  The military will nearly be their undoing and a fellow drag queen, who they manage to bring back from bloodthirsty zombie to run of the mill, well, just dead zombie, will help them tremendously along the way.

Queens of the Apocalypse was one part tongue-in-cheek humor, one part sweet romance, and one part paranormal free for all.   The action in the novel is stunningly fast paced, the dialogue clever, and the characters simply hysterical!  Through a series of mishaps, this ragtag group of survivors coalesces into a family of sorts.  They may snipe at one another and struggle to always agree, but they are loyal to each other, refusing to see a future where any of them do not exist.

Author Rob Rosen has an incredible gift for weaving intelligent humor into his stories, lifting them well beyond the run of the mill m/m paranormal offerings.  His novels lead us into some zany scenarios that would otherwise be just too implausible if they were not enacted by very real and gently flawed characters.  His characters actually take jibes at themselves, such as remarking on the definite lack of plausibility where drag queens would meet up with other gay survivors—after all, what are the odds?  You chuckle at the ludicrousness and appreciate that the author is able to actually poke fun at his own writing, affirming your opinion that Rob Rosen is one of the most cleverly gifted m/m writers on the scene today.

Queens of the Apocalypse was just pure fun, with a dash of the paranormal and a bit of romance on the side.  Believe me when I say that these are some drag queens you will not want to miss!!

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