Hello everyone! Today I am so excited to welcome back author K-lee Klein to the blog. K-lee is here to talk to us about her new release, Unbroken Hearts: An Unbreak My Heart story.  She is going to be interviewing two of her characters, Brett and JT.  She has also brought a copy of Unbroken Hearts to give away to one lucky reader.  So please join me in giving her a big welcome!


First of all I want to thank Jay for letting me pimp my new release. It’s always a pleasure to be here, but I’m not alone in my post today. I’ve brought two familiar friends and thought they might be fun to interview. Please welcome Brett Taylor and JT Campbell who have agreed to answer a few questions. For those of you who don’t know who these handsome men are, they’re the MCs in my books Unbreak My Heart and Unbroken Hearts that came out on March 2.


Welcome Brett & JT.

Brett – Thank you very much for having us.

JT – It’s our pleasure, but I’m a little nervous.

Brett – No reason for nerves, Darlin’. I’m sure this nice lady will treat us just fine.


Thank you Brett. So, to ease into things, how about I ask you the first question—an easy one?

Brett – I’m ready for you. Shoot.


What was the first thing that attracted you to JT?

Brett – What the hell…if that’s an easy one, I’m not sure I want to get to the hard ones.

JT – (chuckles)

Brett – What are you laughing at? Oh Jesus Murphy, kid. That’s not what I meant.

JT – I’m a little curious, too. What was the first thing, cowboy?

Brett – Besides the fact you turned up in my living room with my mama in the middle of the night?

JT – Wasn’t exactly the middle of the night…

Brett – Suppose not. Let me think. You were tall, bruised and bloodstained…

JT – I don’t think that’s what she meant, and, I only had one blood stain. That’s not a good answer.

Brett – I know, I know. I think once I got close enough it was your eyes I noticed. Even in the dimness of the room I could see they were made of brown velvet, soft, deep as the damn ocean. Felt like I could get lost in them right from the get-go. It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

JT – That’s very touching.

Brett – How about you answer the same question then?

JT – That’s easy. You’re hot.

Brett – That’s not a respectable or acceptable answer.

JT – Okay, then. Your hair…I pictured myself running my fingers through it, feeling it, maybe yanking just a little hard during the perfect moment. Are you blushing, Brett?

Brett – (blushes) Hell, no. I’m a grown-ass man.


If I can interject for a moment…

Brett – Please. I mean, of course. You did bring us here after all.


And, if I recall correctly, I’ve put up with all your destructive ways in my head for a very long time, too.

Brett – I’d say that’s not quite correct, sweetheart. You tell everyone you had to break me real good before you unbroke me so I’d say that’s all on you and not me. No offence intended.


Mmm hmm. Moving on…you’ve been living together for a while now…

Brett – Six months and some change.


Yes. So what’s been the biggest challenge in starting a life together?

Brett – I don’t think I can answer that because JT’s been nothing but kind and good for me.

JT – Brett’s moods.

Brett – (gasps) What? Dammit, did you just throw me under the bus, kid?

JT – I’m not saying all the time, and I’m not saying they’re all bad. But you’re still a little set in your ways, Brett.

Brett – And I’m trying to change that.

JT – I don’t expect you to change, not at all, at least not for me. What does your mama always say—”sweet as pie”—that’s what you are most of the time, and other times, I’m just learning to adapt. I haven’t lived with anyone before either, and my parents definitely don’t count.

Brett – What can I do different then?

JT – Nothing, at least nothing that I think you can change without it being a natural progression.

Brett – Meaning?

JT – You reveal more and more to me every day. You’re not used to opening yourself up, but you’ve been doing just that. I want you to keep doing it. Maybe I should change my answer and say the hardest part of living with you is your damn bad jokes?

Brett – Too late for that, and my jokes are hilarious—just ask my mama.


Speaking of Millie, Brett. I know she’s very important in your life. How do you like sharing her with JT?

JT – He doesn’t have to share her. She’s his mom, not mine.

Brett – I reckon you’re a little on the wrong side there, Darlin’. She’s pretty damn fond of you, you know? And I don’t mind sharing her a damn bit because you’re getting some of her special attention so it’s not all on me.


Special attention?

JT – He means she likes to boss him around and since there’s two of us so now, she can be double bossy. (laughs) I’m just kidding. I love Millie like she was my own mom—well, definitely better—and a lot of the time I think she likes me even more than she does Brett.

Brett – That’s probably the honest to goodness truth.


Top or bottom?

Brett – Excuse me? What was that?

JT – She asking what we prefer in the…

Brett – I know! I just can’t believe she actually said it.

JT – How about we tell her to go reread Unbroken Hearts then we don’t have to answer at all?

Brett – I don’t even know what to say. It’s just a…it’s a damn personal question.

JT – You must have had questions like that when you were Brett Black?

Brett – (stuttering) Well, I never…never really…I wasn’t out back then so there was no need to ask me. And I wouldn’t have answered anyhow. Can we move on, please? This is turning into some kind of circus show or something.


Sorry, Brett. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.

Brett – Not embarrassed. Just don’t think it’s appropriate, and I’m sure JT doesn’t feel any different.

JT –I’ll share if you do, cowboy.

Brett – Would you be so kind as to wrap this interview up?


Not quite finished, but we’ll let the readers decide the answer to that one. What about kids?

Brett – What about ’em?


Would you like to have any?

Brett – Don’t think that’s something we’ve gotten around to discussing.

JT – It’s definitely never come up.


Well it is now.

Brett – (sighs) Might be nice to have some young’uns running around the ranch, present company excluded of course.

JT – That’s very funny. How about we go back to the top or bottom question?

Brett – No way! I’m just messing with you. But I do think that might be an option some day depending on how our lives pan out in other ways.

JT – What other ways?

Brett – Well, you gotta consider you might not want to live on the ranch once the thrill’s worn off. You’ve got those fancy degrees that you might want to put into use sometime. And I think if we were to consider having kids, I wouldn’t wanna raise them in the city so…

JT – Goes both ways then, right?

Brett – Are we back to that question?

JT – (chuckles) No. I meant you can still go back to performing so it’s not just me that might have the career change. And just for the record, I don’t think I’ll ever want to live anywhere but on the ranch…with you.

Brett – Ah, now ain’t that the sweetest thing to say? But I don’t see any more Brett Black in my future, not one damn hair-teasing or sequin shirt bit.

JT – But you’re still Brett Taylor, right? I bet he’s just as awesome on stage.

Brett – I suppose anything’s possible, but in the foreseeable future all I see is me spending time with you.

JT – You should use that in a song.

Brett – I might just do that.



JT – I think it’s a definite maybe. I’d like to see Brett with a baby in his arms, singing and rocking him.

Brett – Babies scare the dickens out of me. Can you imagine what Mama would do? She’d probably take it and never give it back.


Okay, so I have one more question, and it might be more for Brett than JT.

Brett – You’ve got it in for me, don’t ya sweetheart?

JT – Relax, cowboy. Go ahead, K-lee. He’s listening. Just has to get his bellyaching out first.

Brett – I swear you’re starting to sound more and more like Ray.


My question is about that first night you spent together.

Brett – Didn’t we already dismiss the sex questions? Mercy, I don’t know what going through your head.


That’s why I’m the writer and you’re…not. It’s not about sex. It’s about those nights you spent on the porch playing crib.

Brett – Wanna know how many times I whipped his ass? I shouldn’t have said that right? You’re gonna go and make it all sexual now…


The hugs, Brett. I’m talking about all those sweet hugs you gave JT before you called it a night, before the actual intimacy kicked into high gear.

JT – Those were pretty sweet. What exactly are you asking?


I want to know what was going through Brett’s head when he was hugging you or leading up to the hugging. It was a new kind of intimacy between the two of you and it was so sweet. What were you thinking?

Brett – Don’t reckon I was thinking so much as feeling. I wanted to touch him—you—but I just couldn’t seem to do it in the daylight or with you looking at me.

JT – Why?

Brett – I don’t rightly know, except I wasn’t ready and I didn’t want to make you think I was.

JT – Why’d you hug me then?

Brett – Couldn’t help myself. Being with you was just so…comfortable or maybe that’s not the right word. Anyhow I was struggling between letting myself fall in love with you and pushing you as far away as possible. Holding you without talking about it just seemed the better way to let myself go, you know? Got to the point where I’d hear you laugh or complain because I beat you in crib again, and I just wanted to feel you close, hold you tight so my heart would stop aching and fretting.

JT – I’m glad you did.

Brett – Not as much as I am, Darlin’.


So Brett and JT just wandered off without even saying goodbye, but considering the sappy looks on their faces and the way they were gripping each other’s hands, I guess I’ll let them off the hook this time.

You can read the next part of their story in Unbroken Hearts which is available now on Amber Allure, as well as Amazon and ARE in the next week or so. But if you leave a comment here with your email address, I’ll be doing a giveaway for one ebook copy.

Thanks for letting us entertain you and I hope we were just that…entertaining. Big thanks to Jay again…now I’ll leave you with the blurb for Unbroken Hearts. Ya’ll have a nice day now.


unbroken heartsJT Campbell knows Brett Taylor’s proclamation of love a few months earlier was true and honest, and Brett’s nothing if not sweet and attentive. But when the most romantic day of the year rolls around and Brett seems to be ignoring it, JT finds himself drowning in disappointment. Growing up, JT was never allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day and was taught to reject the sappy, fake sentiments of the holiday. But would it be too much to expect Brett to at least acknowledge the day?

On top of that, JT can’t help but feel uneasy about the one huge reminder still standing on the ranch of Brett’s old lover. JT tries hard to pretend it doesn’t bother him, but he worries that as long as it’s there, Brett will never fully be able to let Walt go and move forward with JT. Can an unexpected show of love and commitment soothe JT’s fears?

Buy link – http://www.amberquill.com/AmberAllure/UnbrokenHearts.html


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