new coming this weekHello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely week. We got a few hints of spring here finally, though nasty rumor has it snow is on the way again. I am pretty much over winter at this point folks.

Things have been crazy busy for me, both in blog land and personal life.  We kicked off the GRL Featured Blogger program this week. I am co-organizing the program along with Reese Dante, and Joyfully Jay is one of the Featured Bloggers. So over the next 6 months or so, you will be seeing a variety of GRL authors stopping by to introduce themselves and share about their work.

We also have a big family event happening on Saturday so I am in the home stretch of insane planning mode.  I am a detail person, but let me tell you, this is kicking my butt!  So I will be around this week, but may not be online quite as much as normal. If you need me, feel free to email though I will get back to you as soon as possible.

And as always, things roll on here at the blog.  So this is what we have planned this week…

  • Review: When All the World Sleeps by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock (Jay)
  • Excerpt and Giveaway: Covert Delivery by Draven St. James
  • Review: Lumber & Law by Jena Wade (Crissy)

  • Review: In Distress by Katey Hawthorne (Jay)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: In Distress by Katey Hawthorne
  • Review: Dr. Feelgood Anthology (Angi)
  • Review: Five Ways a Boy Can Break Your Heart by Cate Ashwood and Skylar Cates (Crissy)

  • Guest Post and Giveaway: Spencer by J.P. Barnaby
  • Review: Relief Valve by J.L. Merrow (Jay)
  • Review: Where the World Ends by Kade Boehme (Crissy)
  • Review: Cops, Cakes, and Coffee by Sara York (Sammy)

  • Review: King of Dublin by Amelia Gormley and Heidi Belleau (Crissy)
  • Guest Post: Relief Valve by J.L. Merrow
  • Review: A Matter of Disagreement by E.E. Ottoman (Angi)
  • Guest Post and Giveaway: When All the World Sleeps by Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock
  • Review: Dirty Deeds by Rhys Ford (Jay)
  • Review: Turning 16 by Perie Wolford (Amy)
  • Review: Love of the Wild by Susan Laine (Sammy)

And that should do it for this week! Enjoy!

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