Hello everyone! Today I am so pleased to welcome Draven St. James to the blog. Draven has a new release, Covert Delivery, and will be sharing a juicy excerpt from the book.  Draven has also brought a copy along to give away to one lucky reader.  Welcome Draven!


covert deliveryAspen Starr is in a bind and not in a good way. His father is trying to use him to sweeten a business deal and being a bought boy toy holds no appeal. Just when he thinks he has no options left Sundae’s Custom Easter Baskets knocks at his door. Soon he finds himself blindly following a trail right into the path of a sexy new boss and a whole new mess of carnal complications.

Garren Thomas has rules and one of those is to never get involved with an employee. Easy to say, harder to enforce when Aspen is hired on. With each passing day Garren’s control slips until all he wants to do is spend his days with Aspen in his bed.??When faced with giving into his desires, Garren sees his simple life being torn apart. Can he get Aspen out of his system without losing his heart? Aspen isn’t much better off. He is drawn to Garren, but he can’t help the fear that the secrets from his past will destroy it all. As Aspen begins to lose himself within the confusion of sex and love one question plagues him: who sent the basket?


“Did you call to shower me with compliments?” Aspen asked, curving the conversation in a new direction. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“I’m trying to understand you and why I’m so drawn to you,” Garren confessed.

Aspen dropped his head back and closed his eyes. “You did just list off some of my wonderful qualities.”

“It’s more. I want to know more. I want to know everything.”

Aspen groaned. “Full knowledge is overrated.”

“Hmmm…” Garren murmured.

“I’m sure you have some secrets,” Aspen pointed out.

“Don’t we all? Tell me one of yours,” Garren requested.

“I think some things are too painful to share.” Aspen muttered. Like the fact that his father wanted to trade him off like a piece of stock. It shouldn’t make Aspen feel cheap, but it did.

“True,” Garren conceded. “Okay, just something quirky that no one else knows.”

Aspen opened his eyes and grinned at the turn Garren managed to take. “I sing country music, very badly and loudly in the shower.”

Garren laughed. “And no one knows that?”

“Nope, and since you are a psychologist, I must insist on doctor-patient confidentiality.”

“Oh, really?”

“And I request that you reveal a secret of your own.” Aspen held his breath. He didn’t want to push, but he was genuinely curious about all things Garren.

“A secret that no one else knows? I find you entirely too tempting. You make me want to break all my rules, and you are unbelievably sweet.”

“You’re all those things to me,” Aspen interjected. “Except maybe sweet. I don’t know if I’d use that word to describe you.”

Silence greeted his reply, but he could hear Garren’s soft breath over the line. While he assumed it was only seconds, it felt like minutes before he couldn’t stand Garren’s nonresponsiveness.

“That isn’t a bad thing, Garren. You’re thoughtful and intuitive. Those are both great qualities in a man.” Aspen rolled his eyes and pulled the blanket over his head. He sounded lame.

“And in a lover?” Garren queried.

“Definitely. I do believe you made sure I came twice, and you seemed to know exactly what I wanted. Is that a psychological mojo trick?” Aspen teased. The words alone brought up what it felt like to be touched by Garren. Those moments had been so intense Aspen was sure he could come for many a year from just shadows of the memories.

“I don’t think I took a class in ways to seduce and satisfy a lover in college,” Garren countered.

Aspen snorted. “You could always go back and teach it.”

“Now you’re simply stroking my ego.”

“I’d rather be stroking something else.” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them, and he silently groaned at his slip. He blamed it on his dirty thoughts and how said dirty thoughts had sent all the blood flow below his navel.

“Are you steering this conversation into the gutter on purpose?” Garren asked.

“Uh, I could say I’d rather be stroking a banana or a cucumber, but that sounds like something I might need to talk to a professional about.” Aspen grinned and wiggled out from beneath the covers. He’d effectively put the ball in Garren’s court. Dirty or clean. Dirty or clean.

“Are you planning on fondling produce?”

He laughed. “I have no intension of utilizing my salad fixings in that way.”

“That’s good, considering you brought a salad into the office for everyone to share the other day,” Garren replied with a chuckle. “We’ve established you haven’t developed unhealthy relationships with phallic-shaped food items.”

A mad case of the giggles tried to escape, and Aspen put his hand over his mouth to keep it at bay.

“No,” he managed to get out. “I do have an affinity for a particular object attached to your body, though.”

“Uh-huh, how does that make you feel?” Garren inquired in a deep, serious voice.

Aspen couldn’t help his giggle on that one. “It made me feel pretty fantastic. Very satisfied.”



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