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Length: Short Story

Rowen Smithe is a loner. He doesn’t like people. Period. When his neighbor and sort-of friend’s unexpected visitor makes a wrong turn, Rowen goes on high alert aiming to take out the threat until he realizes the visitor is, in fact, a friend of Finn’s. When he climbs his tree to escape the voices in his head, Rowen spots the glint of a tin roof. In his forest. Certain that someone is in that shack in the middle of nowhere, Rowen sets out to find out what is going on so he can put an end to it.

Mick Rutger caught sight of the interesting man through his cabin window. When Finn warns him off of approaching Rowen, it only makes him want to get to know the intriguing man more. An unexpected trek in the woods in the middle of the night is a strange way to meet new people, but Mick is not interested in normal. Though Rowen’s brand of strange is new to him.

Their discovery in the woods leads to a kiss that only adds to their attraction to one another. But when Rowen’s fears cause him to retreat and Mick’s ability to talk before he thinks pushes them apart, both men must decide if pursuing one another would be worth the hassle.

Blown Away is the first book in Havan Fellow’s Whispering Winds series, the third series in Pulp Friction 2014.

This story is so much fun. From the very beginning grabbed my attention with Rowen’s quirkiness. The held it with Mick’s stubbornness. The story itself is fast paced and unique, which is always a plus in my book. I mean how man (non-shifter) characters do you know that climb super tall trees? I’m intrigued with where the author is taking this story. The way this installment ends gives hope to what is to come but also leaves me hanging in anticipation of the next addition.

Like I said, these boys are probably my favorite part of this book. They are lively and fun. They interesting. I want to know more about Rowen and his odd quirks. I am dying to know about the voices in his head. Then Mick. Mick is a one-up man. If he is challenged, he will meet that challenge then go above and beyond, which is evident in the final scene in this story. But I still have questions about his appearance in Mountain Shadows.

This book is the beginning of a story that has captivated me. The foundation of this book is firm and I look forward to how Fellows builds on it. I also look forward to discovering the mystery of what she will do with the shack and the men in the woods. It’s all very exciting.

Should you read this book? Definitely. As a matter of fact, I’m planning on reading more by this author very soon. I adore this story and can’t wait for more. So yes, I definitely recommend Blown Away by Havan Fellows.

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