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It’s amazing when you come back to an author and realize how much you enjoyed his/her work but over time seemed to have wandered away from it.  K.M Mahoney was just such a surprise for me.  When I saw this latest title, Cody’s Dragon, I realized how long it had been since I had taken the time to enjoy this author’s work and I am very glad that I did not bypass this fun and immensely satisfying novel.

Cody is not your typical rent boy.  He is fairly happy with his life and not really looking to make any kind of change.  However, the only dark cloud in Cody’s otherwise contented outlook is the fact that a local pimp is determined to move into the area and demand that the local rent boys give him a cut of their fees and, unfortunately, he has the muscle needed to back up his claim.  So when Cody spots the incredibly charismatic man at the local bar one evening, and sets his sights on snatching him up for the night, he is rather dismayed when the pimp decides Cody should pay him a visit instead.

Kirit is not from this world.  In fact he lives beyond the Veil where all the other Draake, or dragons, live along with a vast array of faeries and other “mythical” creatures.  However, it is not unusual for those same beings to make trips through various portals to Earth for a variety of reason, in Kirit’s case to find a mate.  When he finally meets the slender ball of energy that is Cody, with one touch he realizes that this human will do quite well for he indeed is Kirit’s mate.  Now all he has to do is convince Cody of the same!

Cody’s Dragon was the most fun I have had with a paranormal offering in a long time.  Fast-paced and witty, with sharp, clever dialogue and a cast of dragons, faeries, and one very determined human, the novel flowed so easily given that it is the first of an intended series.  So often initial books of a series tend to be bogged down in establishing a cast of characters that will be the fodder for upcoming novels.  While author K.M Mahoney does just this in her story, I never felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of people she imagined up.   Instead, by giving us a glimpse at Kirit’s clan, I felt that the author wisely and smoothly gave us just a bit of information on each dragon, and did so with such a skilled hand that I felt I knew a bit about each one.

Add to that the establishing of a new mythical world run by a faerie king and the intrigue of his court and you have all the makings of a really solid novel that left me poised and excited for the next of its kind.  I simply adored Cody and Kirit.  Such clever foils for each other, with the somewhat uninformed and formal dragon paired with the brash and sweet human, these two just lit up the page with their humorous and steamy encounters.   As I read their story I was totally captured by the way these two interacted and the slow building love between them.  Yes there was an instant attraction for both, but there was no insta-love.  Rather Mahoney opted to let the plot guide the love angle and unfolded her story bit by bit, allowing for the two characters to slowly learn about the other and gradually fall in love.  I was so impressed by this novel and just delighted by its intelligent and witty handling.

Cody’s Dragon by K.M Mahoney is a real gem in the paranormal/fantasy genre.  Smart, sexy and downright fun, this first novel of a new series promises that we will see more delightful installments from this author.  I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the next one in this series!

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