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Length: Short Story

Dr. Cannon Malloy moved to Flagstaff to get away from the horrors that haunted him in Atlanta, but now that he’s there, he’s merely surviving. Going through the motions. When his ’67 Shelby is buried in the snow from a recent winter storm, Cannon finds himself stranded until a handsome fellow professor throws him a lifeline.

Professor Finn Lorensson remembers Cannon from a phone call several months ago when the man called inquiring about a cabin at Mountain Shadows. But the conversation Finn remembers fondly apparently had no lasting effect on Cannon. When Cannon is unable to leave campus due to the weather, Finn offers to take him to the local room where Finn planned on spending the weekend waiting out the storm.

After a shared dinner, Finn and Cannon spend a night together, but when Finn wakes up Cannon is gone. When Cannon finally makes it back to his cabin, fear that he’s felt since Atlanta causes an accident and Finn luckily comes to the rescue. Cannon’s fears are not easily set aside and starting a new relationship is not in the cards for him. But unfortunately his attraction to Finn doesn’t go away so easily.

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to Cold Snap, the second 2014 Pulp Friction book and the first in Lee Brazil’s In from the Cold series.

Cold Snap is the beginning of a beautifully complicated relationship. What I like so much about this story is the back and forth in this relationship. There are ups and downs along with several obstacles in their way. This book is the beginning of the series so, of course, the story lines left open for a reason. And for that reason I’m waiting on pins and needles for more of Finn and Cannon.

This girl is a huge fan of mysterious and broken, maybe a little needy characters. So of course, I adore Cannon. His secrets are killing me. He left Atlanta for some mysterious reason. Hints are given in the story, but I don’t want to ruin it for you. And seriously, with the mess he’s been through, I can understand his need for isolation. But given the pure sexiness of Finn, I also understand his attraction to the Nordic god. Finn is a very self-assured kind of guy who handle’s Cannon’s skittishness with grace. He’s got some secrets of his own, well at least one. I look forward to seeing how those pan out.

This story is intriguing and frustrating—in a good way. I was instantly attracted to this piece when I saw the cover. You guys know I love a pretty cover. But then this author pulled me in with expressive characters with interesting quirks and involved, mysterious pasts.  Then I was captivated by a story of the start of a fragile relationship that has me cheering for the underdog to find his true love. And finally it left me wanting more, as serials are made to do, with a teaser that has me crossing my fingers for the sexy, hopefully kinky future ahead of Finn and Cannon.

Yes. I adored this story. As a longtime fan of Lee Brazil, I was not surprised that I instantly liked this story. I’m definitely looking forward to what this series has to offer. And I can’t wait for the advancement of Finn and Cannon’s relationship. I highly recommend Cold Snap by Lee Brazil.

Cold Snap is a book belonging to a series which is related to and shares characters with the additional three series in the Pulp Friction 2014 collection. Four separate authors. Four separate series. Five books in each series. Twenty stories. One satisfying finale that includes the main characters from each series. It’s a great concept that works amazingly well for this group of writers. If you haven’t started Pulp Friction 2014, I definitely recommend you do so. You don’t want to miss out.

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