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Dr. Feelgood is a collection of stories all about the medical field. Doctors, nurses, patients, and therapists—they’re all covered here. This anthology has written you a prescription for love.

It’s really hard to review an anthology in its entirety, but since this one has fourteen stories and I’m not sure how many of you want to read individual reviews for each, I’m going to attempt it. As always when you’re talking about a collection, there were a few stories that just didn’t work for me, but not many. This collection really was wonderful, full of diverse characters and lots of inventive takes on the premise. When I first opened up the book, I thought I was going to get sick of reading medical themed stories after three hundred pages, despite the fact that I normally love them, because I expected them to all be similar, but that was not the case.

I’d definitely recommend this one, especially if you like medically themed stories. There’s a wide variety of well-written stories, a good mix of sexy and sweet, and some really endearing characters. A quick note about the rating: the overall number is the result of averaging all the individual ratings. I have included those ratings along with mini-reviews for each story for those of you interested in that.


Right-hand Man by Rob Rosen
Rating: 3.75 stars

After breaking his arm, Alan discovers all the things he can no longer do, as well as discovering the list keeps growing. It’s a god thing his sexy neighbor, Brad, is willing to help him out with everything he can’t manage anymore.

This one is one of those personal taste things. There were definitely things I liked about it and there were parts that were hysterical, I just wasn’t a fan of the author’s voice. I know Rosen has a lot of very avid fans out there and some people would probably feel very differently, but this one just didn’t quite come together for me.

Mend What is Broken by Fil Preis
Rating: 4.5 stars

After too many hours on-shift, Dr. Connor Smith crashes his car into a tree on the way home. The surgeon that patches him up turns out to be an old friend from med school and they strike up more than just a renewed friendship.

This one was very well written and I enjoyed both the characters a lot. The author also gets bonus points for crafting such an enjoyable story without including any sex. Don’t get me wrong, I like a steamy read as much as the next romance fan, but nothing irks me more than when an author shoves a sex scene into a short story that just doesn’t need it. This was sweet and adorable all on its own and there was enough heat without having explicit content. Kudos to Preis for recognizing that.

Doctor in the Desert by S.C. Wynne
Rating: 4.75 stars

Dr. Trace Bennett meets new cop in town, Logan Drury, in rather tense circumstances—dealing with an erratic patient going through withdrawals—but that doesn’t keep him from noticing how attractive he is. Or for inviting him out for drinks as a “thank you” for rescuing him.

I liked this one quite a lot. Well-written, well-paced, and great characters. This one packed quite a bit into a small amount of space. There was heat, and emotional connection and vulnerability. A lovely read.

Iron Man by Meg O’Brien
Rating: 5 stars

Surviving the horrific car accident claimed his sight is just the first step for Aidan. He wants to get back to normal and be able to use the computer well enough to work again, so he hires Bryan, a blind rehabilitation specialist.

I’m a sucker for stories featuring a disabled character, and this one was outstanding. It was full of emotional depth and realism. Aidan’s disability was not just a plot device to get the characters together, it was a real issue for him and it was dealt with wonderfully. These boys were so steamy together, but even more so, they were so incredibly sweet together, just adorable.

First and Last by Sara York
Rating: 3.5 stars

When Trevin’s father is on his deathbed and the aging doctor who’s been treating him informs him that he’s leaving for an extended vacation, Trevin’s not expecting the doctor who replaces him to be Jeffery. Jeff’s the first boy Trevin ever kissed, and the boy he embarrassed by calling him a slur in front of friends years ago, and he’s also the only boy Trevin’s never gotten over.

There wasn’t anything that really bothered me about this one, there just wasn’t anything that made it great either. The whole thing was sort of ho-hum—bland characters, predictable plot, and nothing at all to spice it up.

Differential Diagnosis by Anna Martin
Rating: 4 stars

Liam is an actor on a popular medical drama who plays a doctor. When his character gets a new storyline in the form of a male love interest, Liam has trouble keeping his feelings for his new co-star under control.

This one was so cute. It was an unexpected twist on the theme that really worked. I liked the characters a lot and the story arc was great.

In My Own Skin by Thea Nishimori
Rating: 3.25 stars

When Chris’ friends try to set him up with sexy psychiatrist, Tony, Chris is forced to admit that he’s got a severe case of psoriasis that prevents any sort of sexual contact.

This one just really didn’t work for me because it didn’t go anywhere. I know that short stories usually just have a “happy for now” ending rather than a HEA, but this one didn’t even get them to happy for now. I was all geared up to like this one, feeling very sympathetic to Chris, but nothing really happened. The main issue here never gets solved or even really explored fully.

Rx for Sex by Bru Baker
Rating: 4.25 stars

Barr and Charlie have been dating and living together for a while but the stress of them being doctors on opposite shifts is starting to wear on the relationship. When Barr’s stress over their separation leads him to overworking himself, Charlie writes him a prescription—for sex.

This one was pretty hot. There was enough emotional investment over the separation anxiety Barr feels to make it really satisfying when he works things out with Charlie. Overall, just a cute, steamy read.

Kind by Samuel Scott Preston
Rating: 4 stars

Rod is a student athletic trainer and his determination to stay in the closet is put to the test when he treats an attractive football player with a serious injury.

This was another really enjoyable one. I liked the characters a lot, I liked the premise and the final resolution was just great. My only negative with this one was that Rod states that he’s staying in the closet because all coaches and players assume that a gay trainer wouldn’t be able to control himself around male athletes, which is a valid concern and great social commentary in my opinion. And then he ruins is by talking about how frequently he gets erections while treating athletes. It struck me as unrealistic and kind of undermining to his righteous indignation over having to stay closeted.

Hero Worship by Kris T. Bethke
Rating: 4.25 stars

When EMT Alex saves his best friend’s brother-in-law, Matt, from dying of anaphylactic shock at the wedding, the kid’s hero worship for Alex grows into something more.

Three words: A, Dor, and Able. This one was so cute you guys, but also managed to sneak in some real depth and emotional drama. I liked this one a lot.

Tourniquet by Kaye P. Hallows
Rating: 4.5 stars

A victim in the bombing at the Boston Marathon, Dr. E. Charles Weston falls hopelessly for his nurse while recovering from his injuries.

The only reason this one didn’t get a 5 is because the beginning was a little rocky—too confusing. Other than that, it was superb. Another one that rested on the strength of the story alone and no sex (unless you count the sponge bath), these characters were delightful and their interaction was hilarious.

Pain Management by Brigham Vaughn
Rating: 4 stars

Massage therapist, Joel, has a hard time keeping things professional while treating Andrew for migraines.

Really cute. I wasn’t overly fond of how Andrew convinced Joel to cross the line of professionalism, but other than that, it was really enjoyable. Great characters, and a very sweet romance.

Night Shift by Casey O’Neill
Rating: 3.75 stars

Cop Wayne and doctor Mike have been separated for over a year, but when Wayne is injured while trying to prevent a robbery, the two men work out their differences.

This was another one that just didn’t really have anything wrong, but didn’t really have anything special. It was cute enough, but the characters didn’t really connect with me and the story felt pretty abrupt so I never really connected with the plot-line either. Overall I just wasn’t that invested in it.

To the Next Level by Laura Matthews
Rating: 5 stars

When Gunnery Sergeant Cameron Davis loses his leg in the line of duty, his therapist, Travis, ends up working on his heart as much as his rehabilitation.

Love, love, love this one. I said earlier I’m a sucker for the guys with disabilities, but especially guys like Cam, who are tough and don’t feel too sorry for themselves. Ugh, there was just so much here to love. Travis was amazing, their banter just about made me die of happiness, Cam’s physical and emotional healing slayed me, Cam’s connection to another amputee made me die inside with the cute overload, and then the romance was the sugar-sweet icing on the cake. Also, there are periwinkles, and periwinkles are an inside joke. What’s not to love?

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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