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It has been about a week since Satish Malhotra had his sexy dressing room encounter with James Sheridan.  Satish thought something more could be developing between them, but last night James revealed that he is also seeing his Dom, Professor Evander Carson. In addition, James came clean about Carson’s role in setting up the hookup in the dressing room.  Satish really doesn’t know what to think. He likes James a lot and thinks there could be something between them. But he hates the idea that he is a pawn in some game run by Carson.  Satish also isn’t sure how he feels about James having this significant relationship with Carson while at the same time being with Satish.  But when Satish meets Carson, it makes him realize that he is definitely not interested in letting James go.  Now Satish must figure out whether he can be comfortable as part of this complex relationship, and exactly where he fits in.

Every Inch of the Way is the fourth book in the Professor’s Rule series and continues to follow the relationship between these three men.  Books 1, 3, and 4 each give us a little slice of time between Satish and James, while the 2nd book gives us the history between James and Carson.  Here we see the aftermath of James’ revelation to Satish of Carson’s role in both his life and in that initial encounter.  The focus shifts here to Satish as he tries to work out what he wants from this relationship, which is so foreign to him, as well as where he might fit in.  James assures Satish that he isn’t looking for another Dom, but Satish is uncertain about having someone else providing James with the pain and submission he needs.  For the first time, this story also gives us a hint that Carson might be more emotionally invested in James than we ever thought.

The authors do a nice job here over the series of unpacking this complicated relationship. I like the creativity behind the setup and the complexities of the situation.  Even within these short stories, the authors are able to advance the overarching plot and really bring up some interesting issues.  I really love James and Satish and am fascinated by Carson.

So I am definitely enjoying this series. It really needs to be read as a set as each installment builds on the previous (with the exception of An Inch at a Timewhich can probably read either first or second).  The final book in the series was just released as well, and I will be reviewing it later today.  I really can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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