Five Ways a Boy Can Break Your HeartRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

Liam fell in love with Trey in boarding school. Trey’s befriending Liam didn’t make sense in the eyes of their classmates, with Liam being a charity case and classical violinist, and Trey being the son of famous parents and a rocker. They were the best of friends, even though Liam wanted more. Since Liam couldn’t have what he wanted, he instead put those feelings into words by way of the music he wrote with Trey. Then one day Trey left school without giving a reason and breaking Liam’s heart. And to add flame to the fire, years later Liam’s heart broke again when he found out Trey had stolen their song.

Seven year later, Trey is in trouble when a sex tape is uncovered. He’s forced to make nice by attending a charity event in New York City. Unknowingly, Liam is scheduled to play as part of the orchestra at the benefit. Once Trey sees Liam, he can’t turn away from him again. Seven years ago, he left without telling Liam the truth about why and without letting Liam know that he’d been in love with him.

After Liam overindulges at the bar, Trey takes him home. Old feelings between both men are renewed, but the past is not so easily fixed. When Trey tries to tell Liam what happened between them, he can only hope the truth will give them a second chance.

Five Ways a Boy Can Break Your Heart is the first collaboration by Cate Ashwood and Skylar M. Cates, and let me tell you, it is precious. This novella holds a story of misunderstandings, forgiveness, and second chances. Not to mention cocky rockers and busy classical musicians.

Being that this is such a character-driven story, I fell in love with Liam and Trey instantly. I love Trey’s bad boy image (that’s not so much an image, but more like the real man). He’s got a devil may care attitude that is kind of sexy. But it’s his love and devotion to Liam that is truly striking. Even after seven years, he still holds that friendship high above all else, even if he may not have shown it very often. Then Liam. He’s a hurt puppy at times, but still strong. He has every right to his hurt and anger, yet he’s still forgiving, which I admire about him.

The writing of this story is seamless. I was unable to tell where one author left off and the other picked up. It’s one of the attributes I look for in an author pairing. I liked the flow of this story. The pacing is spot on and the plot is engaging. These authors were obviously meant to write together.

My only complaint is that it was too short. I would have really liked to see Liam and Trey go a little further than where their story ended. I would have liked to maybe see a glimpse of their future. Maybe a few of their hardships past that point. But as it is, the story is good.

Overally, I really enjoyed this sweet story. From beginning to end, I was engrossed in this novella. I’m hoping to see these authors work together again in the future.


A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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