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Length: Novella

Kasey Ralston is a mechanic with a fetish for old sports cars. Just the thought of sitting inside one with all that beautiful leather is enough to get him horny.  When Brandon Kenner shows up with a mint condition classic car, Kasey knows he will have trouble hiding his feelings, especially when Brandon takes him for a ride to help diagnose a problem. Kasey has always been mortified about his reaction to the cars, but is shocked when Brandon is intrigued rather than repulsed.

Brandon is actually more than intrigued, he finds Kasey’s fetish incredibly hot and definitely wants to encourage it.  As the guys spend more time together, shy Kasey begins to come out of his shell.  But as he starts falling for Brandon, he worries that when Brandon tires of him, Kasey will be left all alone again. For the first time in his life, Kasey has started to feel normal, and he must be willing to risk his heart with Brandon for a chance at happiness.

Normal Enough is a really nice mix of hot and sexy, combined with something quite sweet and touching.  On the hot end, we have Kasey with his car fetish. He is not attracted to the cars themselves, but he spent his formative years hiding in his father’s old cars while looking at porn and masturbating.  So in his head, that smell of the leather and sitting in a sports car sets off his libido like little else.  Kasey is totally mortified by all this, thinking it makes him a freak.  But Brandon finds it crazy hot and encourages Kasey to really let go and enjoy himself.  The guys are super sexy together and there are a couple of scenes here that are kindle melting hot.

At the same time, this story is really about Kasey finding himself and coming out of his shell. He rarely socializes, is isolated from his family, and is afraid of interacting with people.  Besides hiding that he is gay and his kinky sexual interests, he also has a rough family life, and with all this going on Kasey keeps himself almost totally isolated from anyone.  So when Brandon expresses an interest in him, for the first time Kasey has to start pushing himself to open up.  And those first steps go a long way to helping Kasey in other aspects of his life as he begins to join in again with the rest of the world.

Sexton does a nice job of making Kasey endearing and sympathetic, rather than pitiful and pathetic.  It would have been easy to cross that line, but I really felt for him and enjoyed seeing Kasey come into his own, not just in his relationship, but in the rest of his life. I did feel a little frustrated with his constant certainty that Brandon was about to dump him. But I get why this guy has no self-esteem.

So overall I found this one super sexy and very sweet.  If you are looking for a light read and are open to a more unusual kink, then I think this is a really great choice. I enjoyed it a lot.

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