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When his brother disappears on the eve of his blooding, Raffé offers himself in his brother’s place. One of the chosen with demon blood, his brother was meant to become a Prince of Blood—half demons and members of the King’s Legion. Raffé is not his brother though and his parents see him as a means to an end while mourning the loss of his sibling. Certain the blooding would kill him, Raffé approaches his former fiancé in hopes of experiencing some sort of intimacy, even without love. When the man refuses him and walks away, Raffé takes walk in the King’s garden maze only to be mauled by a man of mystery.

Cambord, he said his name was. He gave Raffé what he needed while assuring him that he is strong regardless of his own doubts. After he survives the blooding spectacularly, Raffé spends his days learning his new gifts and his nights dreaming of Cambord.

When an ancient evil arises and threatens the new life he’s gained and the lives of those he has grown to love, Raffé will stop at nothing to save the lives of his friends and new family. But the new evil is worse than the Legion originally expected. Falling for a man he can’t have and discovering his secret drives Raffé to complete his mission to save the kingdom, even if it means losing his own life and never seeing Cambord again.

If I had to describe this book in one word it would be fantabulous. Luckily, I’m allowed to be as verbose as I’d like. And when it comes to this story and this author, I am exactly that. Of Last Resort, the first book in Megan Derr’s Princes of Blood series is beyond anything I ever expected. It’s creative, unique, thrilling, heart-pounding, and many, many more wonderful descriptive terms.  Engrossing. This story, these men held my attention, refusing to let me go. Everything about this book is amazing.

A world above and beyond. Derr is a master of world building. Always unique and expressive, her worlds are breathtaking in every sense, never repetitive, and always exciting. And the world in Of Last Resort is no different. A twist to vampires and demons, the Princes of Blood are definitely not your teenager’s sparkly biters. The author’s description projects the vivid uniqueness of this new world. Dragoons, Paladins, Princes of Blood, sorcerers, priests, the kingdom, the castle are all brought to life in this work. The rules of the world are refreshing in the way that they are individual to this story and this world. I won’t go into description because I don’t want to give too much away.

A couple with a fated destiny. Raffé is the star of this book, the underdog. He overcomes so much to discover himself and his strength. He’s an amazingly beautiful character. The thing I love most about him is after he survives the blooding, he doesn’t let anything hold him back. He follows the rules, yes, but he refuses to fit in box—growing, fighting, and challenging. And Cambord, I want to tell you of his passion and his strength. His self-sacrificing nature and his love. But in order to do so, I fear I’d give too much away. You see, there’s a mystery surrounding Cambord—one I refuse to ruin for you. But know this, you will love it. Love him. Love his heart and desire to do what is right.

A story of honor, passion, and defeating the odds. This story is layered with in mystery, adventure, angst, and romance. It’s a journey of growth and surrender and reparation. Guys, as electrifying and gripping as this storyline is, it’s also amazingly heart-wrenching. This author’s words attracted me and her story enthralled me.

Every aspect of this book is outstanding. Every facet is captivating. I couldn’t get enough of this world, these characters, and their lives. I can’t wait to see what comes next in this series. I highly, highly recommend Of Last Resort by Megan Derr.

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