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R.J. Scott’s Ellery Mountain series continues with her latest installment, The Agent And The Model.  If you have been following the series, you may remember Michael, the young man who lost his parents to a tragic accident and had been raised by his Nan, who owns the local hairdressing shop in Ellery.  Two of Ellery’s mainstays, Travis and Avery, befriended Michael and were two very important people who helped him recover emotionally after he was attacked, beaten, and nearly set on fire in the local park late one night. 

Now Michael is back.  A few years have passed and he has become a successful magazine model, but even that glamorous life could not keep him safe.  While on a job in Paris, Michael is attacked by a stalker, a man he knew nothing about due to it being kept silent by his manager, Alex.  Alex is in love with Michael and the feelings are definitely reciprocated, so much so that Michael had confided all the details of the vicious attack back in Ellery.  It was because of that very attack that Alex kept the stalker information to himself, unknowingly leaving Michael vulnerable to another intruder.  Now, any chance Alex has of showing Michael how sorry he is and how very much he loves him seems to be gone as Michael makes the decision to return to Ellery—possibly for good.

First it is important to know that this book is best read as part of the series.  Much of the back story concerning Michael’s attack and the reasons behind Avery and Travis nearly running Alex out of town when he comes asking Michael to forgive him would be lost if you have not read the other novellas.  Plus, in my opinion, this is a sweet little series that has sexy men finding their partners and making hard relationships somehow work out, so I would encourage you to read them all in order to get the best feel for this ongoing series.

I was very excited to see more of Michael.  His story was never resolved, the attacker never found, and the effects of the trauma left dangling while other characters’ stories were focused on.  Alex is a perfect counterpart for the quieter Michael.  Brash and undaunted by his model’s rebuff, Alex tears along after Michael determined to make him see just how much he cares for him.  Michael is not easily won over and I enjoyed how much this character had grown since his first introduction in the series.  He has become a man and is determined to put the ghosts of his past behind him once and for all.  With Alex’s help, he does just that.  But thankfully author R.J. Scott does not tie things up to neatly, rather we watch as the truth comes out and how much the mysterious attacker destroyed not just Michael’s life but his own family as well.

With various other characters dipping in and out of the story there was a real sense of time moving on in Ellery and of new beginnings for some of the older characters.  I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed this latest addition to the Ellery Mountain family.  These stories are quick and easy, never heavy, and always fun.  The Agent And The Model is a lovely installment that fans of the series will not want to miss.

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