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Length: Novella

At the tender age of 15, Colby spies a young man dancing in a studio across the street from the apartment he is sharing with his brother, Tony.  On a whim, he grabs his brother’s wallet and, using his ID, gets into the club the dancer has gone to one evening.  After approaching the dancer, Colby is gently rebuffed by him and told to come back in three years.  As each year passes, Colby watches the dancer and bides his time.  What began as a crush, morphs into something more—a need, a fierce desire to meet the man who lives across the way who dances in Colby’s telescope each night.

Noah has lived a life that has left him jaded and lonely.  He has constant one-night stands and yet remains tethered to a former life where he was a man’s boy toy and did lap dances in order to survive.  He is in no way prepared for someone as sweet and honest as Colby to waltz back into his life three years after he told him to go away.  When these two meet up three years later, it is obvious that there is much more waiting to happen beyond the hard and steamy sex they find with each other.  Colby is playing for keeps but Noah’s lack of self-worth and bitter, jaded past threatens any future happiness at every turn.

Author Kim Dare gives us a much longer story than her usual fare and in doing so turns Worth Waiting For into a sweet love story that has snarls and potential disasters along the way.  This author rarely fails to deliver characters that tug at your heartstrings and these two boys, Colby and Noah, are no exception.  We literally watch Colby grow up and morph into a tenacious lover from the innocent boy who harbored a crush for the man across the way.  Little did Colby know that he would be a natural submissive to Noah’s more dominant tendencies but never became some cloying doormat, rather a strong and single-minded man who is able to give over control in any sexual encounter.

Noah, on the other hand, begins to find his more tender side, and his ability to actually love another person with each subsequent interaction with Colby.  It is really Colby who pulls out of Noah this fierce loving dominant and that fact frightens Noah to no end.  For you see the past has convinced him that he is not worthy to be loved, rather merely to be used and discarded.  Around these two men, author Kim Dare weaves a story of love, and redemption that is sure to melt even the hardest of hearts.

Worth Waiting For is part coming of age, part self-discovery, and part redemptive love story.  All together it makes for a beautiful story of survival and romance, a sweet story from beginning to end.

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