men in uniform weekWe have all our winners selected for Men in Uniform Week!

Thank you again to all our fabulous authors and publishers who donated prizes and a thanks to everyone who stopped by and made it such an exciting week!

P.S. All the winners have been notified and their names passed onto the prize donators so you should be hearing shortly if you haven’t already gotten your prize.

$10 ARE bucks TJ
$5 Torquere Gift Cards Stella, Kerry, and Shirley Ann
18% Gray Elizabeth Gray
A Minor Inconvenience Sue and Susana
Acts of Faith Issa and Kari
Afterburner and Breath of Heavan Nic Starr
Aliens Smith and Jones KimM
Backlist from Daisy Harris Marie
Bad Slave Tammy
Best Vacation that Never Was Rodney
Beyond Duty Paul Berry
Blessed Isle Majken
Blindside Shane C
Brothers in Arms Heather
Catch a Ghost Dianna
Cheating Chance Forence
City of Soldiers Venecia
Collision Course Karl and Laurie P
Compromised and Damaged Marla
Compromised Judgement Jim Evans
Conduct Unbecoming Hambel
Cost of Repairs Carla Myers
Covet thy Neighbor Denise
Cut Above The Rest Midia
Dark Space Jen
Dirty Deeds Deborah H
Disappear with Me Vicki
Ditched Jennifer McElroy
Don’t Trust the Cut Juliana
Dr. Feelgood anthology Carolyn
Ellery Mountain Series Amy
Engineered Throne Ashley E
Extreme Circumstances Amanda
F.A.S.T. Balls Denise Carter
Faith & Fidelity ValarieP
Fire on the Mountain Tammy
First Watch Sherry S
Forever in One Second Renee S and Richard Munn
Fragile Bond Leah K
From the Ashes Anita and Jadore
Gravemen Danny
Grey’s Hidden Fire/Fire and Mistletoe Lana
Ground Mission Michelle
Guarded Desires Marcella
Heat Under Fire TracyG
Hells End Anna, Emily W, and ELF
Hot Head (signed hard copy/US) Trix
Keeping Promise Rock 1-3 Val
Left Hand of Calvus Julia Alaric
Long Time Gone StephanieF
Love Continuance and Increasing Sharon
Mahu Kim W
Mark of the Gladiator Marc
Men of Honor Series Claire McGuire and Choccygrl
Midsummer Law Jenni L
Mindscape Marcine
Necessity’s Door Kristen
Nights in Canaan Allison
On the Home Front Elayne
Packing Heat Fern K
Paid Leave Sara
Polyester Prince Danielle
Promises Rissa
Rawlings Men series JP
Retribution Abbey
Santuario Eve
Scorpion Warren Collen
Secrets and Ink MariaX and Jbst
Serenading Stanley Valerie C
Silver Wings anthology Eloreen Moon
Sinner’s Gin Dre
Skybound Astrid
Slow Burn Lisa G
Snow Balls Kira
Something in the way He Needs Sara
Stand to Attention Antho Chris Cox, Kek219, and Kris
Stoned Cinders
Substitute Heart Janie Klaus
Sweet Young Thang Fay W
Tell Me Now ReRe
The Fifth Son Jennifer F
The Gifted One Shorty Chelle
The Auspicous Troubles of Chance Runell
The Only One Who Knows Sabrina D
The Only One Who Matters Sarah
Two for One Jan
Unhinge the Universe StormyMonday
Where He Ends and I Begin Antonia
Where the Devil Dances Susan R
Why I Love Geeks Kim K
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