small favorite booksOne of the recurring features we have here at Joyfully Jay is our Favorite Book lists. Periodically we post a list of some of our favorite books in a given theme or trope.

Our list today is for our Favorite Nontraditional Shifter stories. I love a good wolf shifter as much as anyone, but I really love how many possibilities can get opened up with other shifter animals. I love to see how the authors incorporate the various animal traits into their characters in human form. I also really enjoy seeing how much creativity in world building there can be when you go beyond packs and alphas into other animal groups and behaviors. I especially enjoy seeing how an animal that we may not think of as warm and cuddly (snakes anyone?) can be made into a character that we fall in love with.

For our Favorite Nontraditional Shifters, we included a wide variety of animals. The only thing we ruled out were wolf shifters and most cat shifters so that we could get beyond the common into some really unique animals.

The ones one this list are among our favorites, but if you want to see a full list of all the books we have reviewed, check out all our stories featuring nontraditional shifters. You can also see all our Favorite Book Lists by clicking here, or going to Favorites on the red toolbar and choose Favorite Book Lists.

And if you have suggestions for other books you would recommend with this theme, we would love to hear your ideas!

(Last Updated: 1/3/20