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I must admit that I knew when Jaime Reese re-released A Better Man, the first book in the Men of Halfway House series, under just her name that my curiosity was sparked.  Having reviewed and thoroughly enjoyed the first novel, I was terribly excited to see the release of the second, A Hunted Man.  That sense of excitement was not unfounded.  I am happy to report that A Hunted Man, the second in the Men of Halfway House series is not only good, it far exceeds its predecessor.

Falsely accused of murder and other trumped up charges, Cameron Pierce is finally released from prison after ten long years of horrific incarceration.  His nightmare experience there has left him hollow, unable to believe that anyone can be trusted, and certain that those who dare to get close to him will be in danger from the very people who put him in jail.  He lives in fear, bouncing between bouts of anger that threaten to rip him apart to paralyzing panic attacks that cause him to black out.  Thankfully, Matthew and Julian, who run the Halfway House, are both gentle and firm when needed and help Cam to transition back into the world. From finding him a job at the small mom and pop diner to monitoring his probation, they slowly show Cam that there are good guys out there.

Across town, Hunter Donovan, the Assistant State Attorney, is slowly working himself to death.  Caught up in his career, Hunter works endless hours to avoid the fact that he has a giant hole in his life, a lack of partner or even a lover.  While he acknowledges that he works too much, he cannot seem to find a man who will both spark his interest and accept his endless hours given to his job.  All this changes when he sees the new barista at his favorite diner.  Cam captivates him, and draws him like no other man ever has.  Suddenly there is something more important than work, there is this mysterious young man who has somehow wormed his way into Hunter’s heart.

I could go on and on in this synopsis, but to do so would give away precious plot points and spoil the overall story for you.  Suffice it to say that A Hunted Man is both a love story and an incredibly well written mystery that had me racing to finish the novel.  Intricately detailed and impeccable written, A Hunted Man by Jaime Reese left me breathless.  I cannot express to you how wonderful it was to see how carefully the story evolved, focusing on both unraveling the taut and fast paced action sequences while taking time to build rich and interesting characters.   This is exactly how a book should be written, with attention to detail and exciting plot twists that leave you on the edge of your seat.

I cannot give enough accolades to author Jaime Reese.   She is an impeccable story- teller, weaving drama and romance into a story that resonates well beyond the last word on the page.  Her men are believable, raw, and incredibly sexy.   Her story is thrilling, fast-paced and a ripping good page-turner to the very end.  I highly recommend A Hunted Man by Jaime Reese to you.  This is a novel you will not want to miss!

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