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The last thing Anna expected when she left the convent was to get married, especially since her plan for a future never involved a man, but a woman… Pia. Carrying out her plan to make a way for herself and her love, Anna finds herself enthralled by Sebastian, if only seeing him as a means to an end. But then he proposes, not only marriage, but the addition of Pia to their soon to be happy relationship.

Sebastian is a well-known member of the military and son of a wealthy landowner who finds his match in Anna, the strong confident young lady at whose feet Sebastian wants kneel. His desire to submit is matched by Anna’s need to dominate, and even more, he longs to keep Anna happy. When he discovers her love for another, he is not angry but more than willing to send for Pia and make her part of their happiness.

When Pia learns of her lover’s marriage to an aristocrat, she is devastated and certain that she can no longer see Anna in the same light. But when Anna and her new husband show up to retrieve her, Pia is shocked and disbelieving to hear of their arrangement until Anna and Sebastian prove it to her. But there are still trust issues to repair and build upon. Pia remains skeptical; how can a nobody take a place as an equal alongside highborn like Anna and Sebastian?

The plan is to travel to London in search of an English general and convince him to side with the Spanish in cutting off Napoleon Bonaparte. While they are in London, they stay with an old friend and one of Sebastian’s former lovers, Farleigh. Farleigh thought himself over Sebastian until the man walked back into his life with his new wife. His need for Sebastian is strong and Farleigh is determined to have him again, but first he has to figure out his place among the three.

In a time when same sex relationships are punishable by death, Anna, Pia, Sebastian, and Farleigh fight more than social abnormalities. Warring against lies, mistrust, jealousy, confusion, and new loves may be the end of each of them unless they can find their balance.

You can ask Jay; I’m not much of a historical reader. So you may be as surprised that I wanted to read this story. This story also has girly bits. Lots of them. I’ve never been one to read many m/f stories. And I’ve never read an f/f story, although I’ve recently purchased two. But there was something about this book—maybe the cover (because we all know I have a thing for covers), maybe the blurb, definitely the intrigue—that made me need to read it. So here we are.

Bound to be a Groom is a sexy, sensual, polyamorous story of love, confusion, and acceptance. I’ll be honest. While I wanted to like this story, I was maybe a little afraid of it. But in the end I was enraptured in the sensuous taboo nature of this world, of these characters, and of this story.

There are several facets to this book. Mulry delves into f/f, m/f, m/m/f/f. The only thing I’d hoped for would have been a bigger m/m scene. The blowjob was hot. Hell, every sex/intimate scene in this book was scorching, but to really see Sebastian and Farleigh together, especially after the long build up. I hoped for more of an explosion.

This is a new world, a new venture for all four of these characters, and I dearly enjoyed every twist and turn, no matter how predictable.

Anna is the heart of this story. I love her strength and heart. She’s not only strong in the bedroom, as she takes the lead, but she’s determined and bold in a way that women rarely were in the 19th century. Anna begins this story carrying out a plan, with one purpose: to find a way to live her life happily with Pia. She’s taken by surprise when she finds herself attracted to Sebastian. And there lies the first conflict in this story.

Pia is another pillar of strength, although you wouldn’t know it at first glance. I’ve always heard that the sub has all the power. Well, it is certainly the case when it comes to Pia. She holds a quiet strength. She gives in when she needs to, but she also knows when to stand up for herself. She knows what she wants and is not afraid to fight for it. I enjoyed her contrast to Anna’s character. They matched so well.

Sebastian surprised me. A man of the world—arrogant, wealthy, and opinionated. I expected him to be the face he showed to the world, but in all reality his strength was displayed in his passion. He fell in love with Anna almost immediately and swore to do anything to make her happy. His heart and acceptance are a huge part of his character. He is the reason this massive relationship worked. As much as this phrase annoys me it’s true: Sebastian is the glue that holds all four of these characters together.

Farleigh is a latecomer to the story, but maybe one of my favorite parts. In my head, I picture Farleigh as a flamboyant, devil-may-care kind of guy. He is who he is and makes no excuses. Although he doesn’t shout it from the rooftops, as that’s a death sentence. But he lives his life for himself and not for anyone else. Arrogance is his middle name. He’s used to getting his way and is put off when he is denied by Sebastian at first. He brings experience, passion, and love as the last member of the joining.

I enjoyed this steamy, sexy story. Not only does the author depict flame-igniting love making scenes, but she also gives readers a story weaved between the erotic scenes. The story is basically one big relationship building exercise—gaining and losing trust, finding love, getting to know one another, having lots and lots of hot monkey sexy. But, man, Mulry does it right.

In the end, this story is beyond hot and wonderfully written. I thoroughly enjoyed it immensely. From the variety of relationships to the well-fitted characters. It’s quite an interesting read. And holy hell, it’s hot. I definitely recommend Bound to be a Groom by Megan Mulry.

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