cold comfortRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Short Story

It’s been two months since Finn Lorensson promised to take it slow with Cannon Malloy. Two months is slow, right? And now Finn has decided that it’s time to make the next move. So when he asks Finn out, he doesn’t expect to have the tables turned on him. Cannon agrees to a date, but only if he can cook the meal. Finn honestly couldn’t care less how the meal is prepared as long as it’s made with the purpose of getting laid afterward.

Cannon has spent the past two months getting to know Finn, enjoying his company, even if he still hasn’t explained his past to the professor. The date is a big deal to Cannon, who is only just learning to live openly after a life in the closet. Fear tends to take over his life, except when he is with Finn. After months of saying no to Finn, he’s finally ready, maybe even ready to give in to love again.

But a haunting past, failed past relationships, and overzealous students threaten to tear down the bond Finn and Cannon have created before they even get started.

Cold Comfort is the second installment in Lee Brazil’s In from the Cold series. I am enthralled by this series. Not only is the relationship between Finn and Cannon sweet, but the mysteries that surround both men are intriguing. I have been glued to the pages with each installment of this series. Though, I will be honest. I am hoping for a little more revelation into Cannon’s past. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have not yet read Brazil’s previous Pulp Friction series, Chances Are, and I’m fairly certain Cannon’s stalker/serial killer filled past began there.

I was unaware when I began this series that it would be so tightly connected to the previous series, so I intend on reading that series before the next installment of this one. I will mention that I’m a little disappointed that it seems to be implied that this series is a standalone series yet Cannon’s past is best understood if read in conjunction with another set of books. In my opinion, if a series is considered a standalone and one of the main characters and their past is introduced in another series, those events should also be summarized within the new series—for new readers especially, who may or may not go back and read the previous one.

That being said, for the most part, I am able to look past the missing pieces and questions to focus on the connection between Finn and Cannon. I adore these guys. I love Finn’s arrogant façade and his warm, sweet heart. He’s very accepting and understanding of Cannon’s quirks and secrets. And then Cannon and his mysterious past and secrets. He’s full of them. I like the brokenness of Cannon mixed with his inner resolve. He’s afraid most of the time, but finding confidence, albeit fragile confidence, as time moves on. The struggle between Finn and Cannon is very much one step forward, two steps back. I have the highest hopes for them, but man they will have to fight to get there.

What I like most about this installment is the story within a story. While the story arc that began in Cold Snap continues throughout this story, there is also a bit of a drama sequence that happens between Finn and a student that adds to Cannon’s inner conflict. Reasons like this are the reason I adore this author. Things that seem to be so unrelated and random, actually tie together with a deeper meaning in the end. Although the deeper meaning is sure to be part of another installment down the road. Yes, the writing and plotting of this short is superb.

So, while I have issues with the series in its relation to a past series by this author, Cold Comfort is one hell of a story and not to be overlooked. I love Cannon and Finn even more now than I did in the first story, and this time I’m dying to know what comes next for them. If you’re not reading this serial, you definitely should. And since I’m recommending this one, I’ll go ahead and recommend that you read each of the Pulp Friction series as they intertwine characters (not plots… so far).


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