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Length: Short Story

It’s been weeks and Scott and Robbie have yet to really talk—about the woman in the picture, about the fire, about their relationship. Robbie has secrets that Scott doesn’t know, that he doesn’t want to tell, but he knows he’ll eventually have to open up if he’s going to spend much more time around Scott. And Scott is certain he wants more from Robbie, but first he has to get Robbie to open up.

Robbie isn’t gay. Yes, he is attracted to Scott, has loved Scott before, but he’s not gay and Scott doesn’t seem to understand. Scott is stubborn and doesn’t get the difference. Both men have grown up and apart in the past twelve years for the good and bad. Trust is a difficult thing to hand over with the past Scott and Robbie share, and before they get a chance to mend things, Robbie’s world falls apart, leaving their already fragile relationship on the verge of total destruction.

Holy cow! The ending to this installation is killing me. In a good way, I assure you. I am dying to read the next book. I should have known that with this author she would find a way to keep me on the edge. And she’s done that and then some. I spent this entire book yelling (in my head) at Scott and Robbie. Just talk already. What the hell are you doing? What the hell were you thinking? What about the truth? And when I finally though I was gonna see the light, BAM! And I loved it.

I loved getting to know Robbie and Scott even more. This book focused mostly on Robbie and his secrets and they’re big, people. And they’re devastating, or will be, to the bond between him and Scott. The author does give her readers a glimpse into what happened in the fire. Not enough to let us know what actually occurred, but enough to keep me hanging on.  We also have the opportunity to learn more about Robbie and Scott and why they are the way they are. Their past is intense and damaging. I loved delving into that part of their lives—the guilt, regret, sorrow, and fear. It makes them real. And then the glimpse of Scott—the Scott who wants the same Robbie he knew twelve years ago, and why he can’t have him. It’s gripping.

I loved this story and I’m dying for more. I cannot wait for the next installation. In fact I’m counting down the days. I liked Scott and Robbie before, but now I’m invested. I have to know what happens to them. And I have to know what their role is in the grand scheme of the Pulp Friction world. Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s all connected. I highly recommend Controlled Burn by Laura Harner.

Note: The Fighting Fire series is best read in order of sequence.

  • Firestorm
  • Controlled Burn
  • Backburn (Coming Soon)

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