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Dylan Hoss is serving his time the best way he knows, with his head down and bringing as little attention to himself as possible. With a secret that helps him stay off of the Aryan Warriors radar, Dylan does the right thing when he can—like help out the prison guard targeted by the Warriors. He’s enjoys occasional sex with men, considers himself “gay for the stay,” but when he gets a new cellmate everything changes.

Joey Campbell is a newbie and brings out feelings Dylan has never felt for a man. When Dylan life is marked by the Aryan Warriors, Joey makes a decision that will certainly split them up. And after a night that Dylan is likely to never forget, that’s exactly what happens. But Dylan doesn’t have a lot of time to dwell on his broken heart because he’s granted early parole.

A member of society again, Dylan takes a job working for environmentalist, Keegan Malloy. When Keegan shows an interest in him, Dylan is flattered, and still a little confused by his attraction to men, but he agrees to go out with him.

When the FBI shows up on his doorstep asking for his help to hunt down an eco-terrorist, Dylan agrees to help, if only to clear the names of people he knows and trusts. But when his sister is injured by the same eco-terrorist, Dylan will stop at nothing to find the bomber, even if it costs him his love or his life.

Recruited is the third book in Ethan Stone’s Uniformity series.

I’m telling you guys right now, this author knows how to tell a story. Here’s the thing, the writing is a little more tell than show, which I don’t love, but the storyline makes up for it. I went through an entire range of emotions while reading this story and then I was so happy with the way it ended. It’s a wonderfully layered, involved story from beginning to end. When I started reading, I kept thinking that it would be a simple mystery/romance. But simple doesn’t even come close. The twists and turns and the many things I didn’t see coming are what makes this book so amazing. This author has a way with shock and awe, and I, for one, loved every heart pounding, thrilling, emotionally charged moment of this book.

So instead of bringing in love interests here, I’m just going to tell you about Dylan, because I refuse to give away all of the shockers that riddle this book. Dylan Hoss is an inmate in both of the previous books in this series, so I was happy to see him get his own story. Dylan is an amazing character. When he’s in prison, he’s not your average inmate. He’s a good guy. He accepts the reason he’s in prison and is biding his time until he’s released. The thing I like about him is that he’s honorable and kind. His journey is one of self-discovery. I love that he doesn’t fight his feelings for Joey or Keegan, but he wants to know what it means. He’s a family man through and through and a lover not a fighter type of man, but he will fight when pushed. He’s a good man. I love his bravery and his heart. I just love him all around.

I will go ahead and say that the other characters in this story are just as wonderful. Stone has a way of creating characters that you want to dislike or think you should dislike, then making you love them—and vice versa. There were characters I loved in the beginning that I hated in the end. And then there are the cameos from previous stories. I loved catching up with them and seeing how their relationships have evolved, and how they connect with Dylan in the free world.

I also like how this story intertwines with the others, how readers of the first two Uniformity books already know and love Dylan. If you’ve read both of them, as I have, it’s no surprise that Dylan is the subject of this story. He’s been a prominent character throughout the series. I love the feel of this series—the action, the adventure, and the romance. It’s all very good.

So, yes, I love this story and love this series. I’m not sold on the writing, but the story makes up for any downfall I may have seen. I loved this book and can’t wait to see what’s next. I highly recommend Recruited as well as the entire Uniformity series.

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